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AKHP has developed a broad interdisciplinary humanities curriculum for undergraduate students. The AKHP university course encompasses literature, philosophy, history, the social sciences, music, architecture, drama, poetry, folklore, and the natural sciences.

AKHP University Course

AKHP Humanities in English students taking end of semester test.AKHP Humanities in English students taking end of semester test.From 1998 to 2003, Central Asian scholars and instructors collected and developed materials for an interdisciplinary university-level humanities curriculum. Materials were piloted in classes at AKHP partner centres in nine state universities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, and were reviewed by an international team of scholars. Over 50 university instructors participated in a multi-year faculty development process, providing training and support to enable them to present this material in the classroom in an active, student-centred fashion. The materials are in the process of final editing in 2004, resulting in the following eight semester-long courses:

Courses utilise a variety of pedagogical approaches within the humanities, seeking to develop an appreciation of different styles of learning as well as the complexity of cultural traditions amongst students. The courses, available in English and Russian, are intended to serve as a basis for the preparatory programmes for the three campuses of the University of Central Asia (UCA). As part of UCA’s faculty development and community outreach programmes, the materials will reach students and instructors throughout the entire Central Asian region.

Ways of Learning

AKHP explores and encourages different teaching and learning methods. These include:

Humanities in English

The AKHP Humanities in English programme was launched in 2003 and is designed to improve university students, recent graduates and teachers' skills in English, with particular emphasis on their skills in reading and writing for academic work. The programme also prepares students and recent graduates for applying to programmes of further study in Central Asia, Europe and North America. This is being done through a combination of classes in academic reading and writing, weekly seminars in the humanities taught by western university instructors with the Civic Education Project, workshops on different opportunities for foreign academic exchanges and the preparation of a good application or project proposal.

Academic Reading and Writing

English language academic work follows very different rules than those of Russian language academic work. The ability to use English language academic materials makes available many new materials and provides new opportunities. This part of the programme, taught by western instructors, Muskie alumni and local teachers familiarises students and recent graduates with the rules of such work and the skills required. At the same time, it also helps students, recent graduates and teachers improve their English abilities so they will be ready to participate in foreign exchanges, or to use English materials in their own work.

Academic Courses

In addition to classes focusing on reading and writing, students and teachers study two full-semester weekly academic courses taught in English. The classes offered in 2003-04 are 'Western Perceptions of Central Asia' and ' Science and the Humanities'. These classes give participants the opportunity to practice the skills they develop in the academic reading and writing classes, whilst offering first-hand exposure to western-style academic materials and standards.


As well as the classes and seminars, a variety of workshops are offered by alumni of foreign exchange programmes on themes such as writing a statement of purpose, publishing articles in English, the interview process, preparing project proposals and others.

Contact Information

Sharofat Mamadambarova
Director, Aga Khan Humanities Project
47A Druzhba Narodov Avenue, Dushanbe
734013, Republic of Tajikistan

Tel: +992 (37) 22 126 82
Fax: +992 (37) 221-25-09

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