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AKHP Resource Centre staff explaining the Resource Centre's CD collection to visitors.AKHP Resource Centre staff explaining the Resource Centre's CD collection to visitors.The Aga Khan Humanities Project (AKHP) Resource Centre in Dushanbe was established in 1999 with the aim of accumulating textual material as well as films, recordings, and software for use by AKHP’s curriculum developers, partner teachers, researchers, and students. These resources multiplied every year as AKHP developed its interdisciplinary humanities course.

Since early 2004, the AKHP Resource Centre has been open for public use. AKHP aims to give the scholarly community and general public the opportunity to benefit from these collections. The new open access Resource Centre has a reading room, library with access to the AKHP collection and a computer room with internet access to academic websites for members.

The AKHP Resource Centre registered more than 1000 users in its first four months of operation as a public library. Staff numbers and reading space have been increased to meet users’ needs and additional services such as weekend computer and internet workshops are now offered.

The Resource Centre’s unique collection currently contains over 4000 books mainly in Russian and English, magazines, 500 videocassettes, 600 CDs and access to electronic journals and resources for use by all visitors. Membership of the AKHP Resource Centre is free and open to everyone.

The AKHP Resource Centre has received generous contributions from the Embassies of Germany, China, and Turkey, and from individuals in several countries. The Swiss Development Cooperation Office in Tajikistan has provided recordings of Tajik music. AKHP Resource Centre staff have been invited to develop a cataloguing system for a university in
Dushanbe and a library computer database for UNICEF’s library in Tajikistan.

Contact Information

Rustam Mirzoshirinov
Resource Centre Coordinator
Aga Khan Humanities Project
75 Tolstoy Street
Dushanbe 734000

Tel.: (992 372) 245297/245823
Fax: (992 372) 51 01 28