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Professional Development

AKHP activities are based upon the belief that learning occurs both inside and outside the classrooms. AKHP professional development programmes promote respect for excellence, fairness, and concern for institution-building. Some of AKHP’s professional activities include:

Faculty Development Summer School Programme for AKHP and Central Asian university teachers

English courses for all AKHP partner university teachers

"Professional Development Week" a series of workshops for partner university trainers, AKDN agencies and AKHP staff

Management workshop for Kinoservice Ltd. (formerly Cinema Group) staff by

"Introduction to Learning" workshops for all partner university trainers

English courses for all AKHP partner university teachers

Photography, Presentation Skills and Resource Building training for partner university students

Presentation Skills and Focus Group Discussion training

Academic Writing and Reading Course for AKHP Centre staff

Project Development seminar for AKHP Master Trainers, Student Project Coordinators and others

Ethnomusicology seminars

Pedagogy in the Arts addressing cinema, theatre, literature and the arts with the aim of making the AKHP course more interactive and varied.

Research and Pedagogy in the Oral Tradition

Asssment Methodologies

Outreach Activities

Outreach activities build up and extend AKHP's links to the communities it works in. Outreach activities at AKHP include a regular Public Lecture Series, cultural/educational events and the creation and distribution of informative and awareness-raising publications.

AKHP Public Lectures Series offers a series of free public lectures led by visiting scholars, AKHP staff, NGO and government representatives and university teachers on topics related to Central Asia. Lectures have been organized on topics as diverse as human trafficking, education reform, the Tajikistan peace process, linguistics and nationalism in Central Asia. Public lectures are usually held twice a month

Cultural events bring together members of the community to explore themes related to the AKHP curriculum. An exhibition of works by local artists and digital photographs by Tajik schoolgirls was opened with a music and poetry concert to celebrate Women's Day in 2004. In late 2003, 'In the Circle of Cooperation' brought together an evening of music and film. Future events are planned to highlight the development of Tajik literature and explore contemporary Central Asian music.

In 2004, a Student Film Club was created to give students the opportunity to watch and analyse a wide variety of films. Discussions are held after each film showing to generate ideas and take new approaches to films ranging from 'Star Wars' to the works of Fellini

AKHP published the two-volume book 'Tajik Traditional Theatre' by Nizom Nurjanov, which went on to win the 'Book of the Year 2003' award in Iran

Since late 2002, AKHP has published a bi-monthly Newsletter, which illustrates the major events and activities of AKHP and its partners. You can subscribe to the AKHP Newsletter on this site.

Contact Information

Aga Khan Humanities Project
75 Tolstoy Street
Dushanbe 734000

Tel.: (992 372) 245297/245823
Fax: (992 372) 51 01 28

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