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The Design Centre was created in 1999 on the initiative of the The Aga Khan Trust for Culture to design the AKHP curriculum materials for partner universities.

About the Design Centre

The Design Centre promotes innovative initiatives, develops new projects and provides courses on design.The Design Centre promotes innovative initiatives, develops new projects and provides courses on design. The core activity of the Design Centre has been to design the AKHP curriculum materials. The Design Centre also develops websites and materials that raise the profile of Central Asian arts and culture.

In 2001, the Design Centre's web site about the Badakhshan region of Tajikistan, "Chakhma", won ‘Discovery of the year’ award at the Tajikistan National Internet Awards. In cooperation with AKHP students, more websites are planned on the cultures of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the future.

Presentations developed in the Design Centre have been shown around the world. In 2003, for example, the Design Centre was commissioned by UNDP to design parts of their National Human Development Report for Tajikistan, whilst in 2004, the Ministry of Communications of Tajikistan ordered a series of postcards to be made by the Design Centre.


Publications, ranging from text typing to final printing, are another sphere of the Centre’s activity. In 2002, AKHP’s Design Centre published Traditional Tajik Theatre by Tajik author Nizom Nurjanov. The Centre has extensive experience in working with interactive multimedia programmes. A Journey to Khorog is an example of this type of work. Work is also being done in restoring old and damaged photographs. A website about the Pamirs, the eastern region of Tajikistan, was created by the Design Centre in 2003. The Design Centre was also commissioned to create the official website for the Dushanbe International Fresh Water Forum, held in August/September 2003.

In the future, the Design Centre will provide design services for international agencies in Tajikistan. This direction of work has already begun and can be seen on the UN's website with the Tajikistan National Human Development Report 2003 and Moving Mountains pages.

Contact Information

Mikhail Romanyuk, Manager
Design Centre
Aga Khan Humanities Project
75 Tolstoy Street
Dushanbe 734000

Tel.: (992 372) 245297/245823
Fax: (992 372) 510128

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