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All NGO Resource Centres interventions encourage sustainability and a balanced utilisation of natural resources.“Civil society organisations need to reach for the highest levels of competence to justify their support. The sector combines energy and creativity, with a social conscience. Together, these constitute a powerful impulse and should be nurtured. At the same time, capacities for management, programme design and implementation, fund-raising and self-study and evaluation need to be strengthened.”

His Highness the Aga Khan, speaking at the EBRD Annual Meeting, Tashkent, May 2003.

To be effective, CSOs must be well run and well governed, operating under a code of ethics that stresses accountability and integrity, so as to ensure resources are properly and effectively used. To help these organisations become successful and self-reliant, the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) assists communities lobbying for change by facilitating the organisation of community-based groups with strong administrative and implementation skills. AKF offers training programmes, advisory services and opportunities for its beneficiaries to link with key development partners.

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