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Social Audits in Afghanistan: Making Local Governance More Transparent
Posted on 08/06/2009
As Afghanistan struggles to rebuild a society which can supply its people’s needs after years of conflict, one of the most widespread and persistent complaints is of corruption and the lack of accountability in government. Social audits, which are carried out with the agreement of the community development council and the community, allow local people to "audit" how funds are used, pose questions about the progress of a development project and ask about staffing and maintenance costs. View article

Multi-Input Area Development
Posted on 29/04/2009
The concept of "multi-input area development" has gained currency in recent years, reflecting a new understanding of the complexity of sustainable development. AKDN's approach arose in the Northern Areas of Pakistan following a visit by His Highness the Aga Khan to the rural development programme in the 1980s. On that visit, the Aga Khan saw the rural support program expanding naturally into health and education, but he also saw a need for micro-insurance, environmental projects, seismic-resistant home construction, village planning and the restoration of cultural monuments. AKDN's "Multi-input Area Development" approach is now applied in programme areas throughout South and Central Asia, the Middle East and both East and West Africa. View article

Clean and Green: Renewable energy for Afghanistan
Posted on 17/04/2009 by Ian MacWilliam
The district of Surkh-e-Parsa lies at the upper end of the Ghorband Valley, not far from where the road begins to climb the bare hills to the Shibar Pass. Three green valleys converge at the district centre of Lolinj. The local people grow wheat and tend their fruit trees, but they have always been poor. For them, even before the war, the notion of electricity was a distant dream. View article