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Annual Report 2015

In 2015, AKF’s work has broadly been divided into six thematic focus areas:

  • Strengething Voice and Representation
  • Improving Food Secuirty and Nutrition
  • Diversifying Incomes and Livelihoods
  • Improving Resiliency of Communities
  • Improving Access to Affordable Quality Health Care
  • Increasing Access to Quality Education

Across these areas AKF continues to support government in fulfilling its mandate to the Afghan people. As well as being a lead facilitating and implementing partner of the government’s National Solidarity Programme (NSP), AKF aligns its work with Afghanistan’s National Priority Programmes (NPPs) and the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework (TMAF). In addition, AKF works closely with line ministries and sub-national governance bodies to ensure coordination of efforts and programme sustainability.