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  • The Aga Khan Award for Architecture, presentation held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, November 2011.
    Architecture Foundation / Daniel Hewitt
Education and culture
Integrating culture and education

While AKDN’s education initiatives incorporate culture into their programmes, cultural programmes incorporate education components.

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA), for example, conducts a series of seminars devoted to themes such as planning practice, urban regeneration, industrialisation and architectural education.

“For my part, I believe that marks of individual and group cultural identity generate an inner strength which is conducive to peaceful relations. I also believe in the power of plurality, without which there is no possibility of exchange. In my view, this idea is integral to the very definition of genuine quality of life.” His Highness the Aga Khan speaking at the Avignon Forum: The Value and Importance of Cultural Diversity and its Role in Promoting Peace and Development, Avignon, France - 16 November 2008.

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