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Ageing in Portugal

Educação de InfânciaAs in other parts of the world, the population of Portugal is ageing.

Versão Portuguesa

The phenomenon of the demographic ageing is extended to virtually all regions of the world and it is estimated that the total of elderly people (> 60 years old) in 2050 will be around 2.000 million individuals, representing over 20% of the world population.

Aware of this reality, The AKDN has sought to increase knowledge and understand this phenomenon, in order to meet the challenge related to the quality of life of the ageing populations.

Aga Khan Foundation in Portugal has commissioned a study to understand how it can address quality of life issues and needs of aging populations.The study was developed by a consortium formed by a Portuguese company, CEDRU – Centre of Studies on Regional and Urban Development, and Boston Consulting Group, a multinational consulting company. The project team was composed of specialists at national and international levels. A partnership with the Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing (University of Sheffield), the Institute for the Study of European Transformations (London Metropolitan University), the Institute for Geography (Martin-Luther-Univ. Halle-Wittenberg) and the Department of Geographie (University of Geneva) was formed for the delivery of the study.

The main purpose of the study, named Study to Address the Needs of the Senior Population in Portugal, was to ascertain the needs of the resident population aged over 55 in Portugal. According to the Terms of Reference provided to the consultants, three principal areas of analysis were considered:

To download the report, please click on:

Study to Address the Needs of Senior People

Versão Portuguesa: Estudo de Avaliação das Necessidades dos Seniores em Portugal (PDF, 9 MB)



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