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Aga Khan Award for Architecture - The Tenth Award Cycle 2005-2007

University of Technology Petronas, Bandar Seri, Iskandar, MalaysiaUniversity of Technology Petronas, Bandar Seri, Iskandar, Malaysia
15MB - 2 mins 20 secs
The University of Technology Petronas' prototypical built configuration is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic metaphor for tropical architecture. Find out more


Restoration of the Amiriya Complex, Rada, YemenRestoration of the Amiriya Complex, Rada, Yemen
15.2MB - 2 mins 23 secs
The sixteenth century Amiriya complex, extraordinary in both its structure and its decoration, represents one of the richest and most complex architectural styles of Yemen Tahirid dynasty. Find out more


Moulmein Rise Residential Tower, SingaporeMoulmein Rise Residential Tower, Singapore
13.6MB - 2 mins 07 secs
This is a residential high-rise in the tropics - with a difference. Instead of relying on mechanical systems for climate control, it borrows low-energy strategies from vernacular housing. Find out more


Royal Netherlands Embassy, Addis Ababa, EthiopiaRoyal Netherlands Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
14.8MB - 2 mins 21 secs
The Royal Netherlands Embassy complex lies amidst the urban sprawl on the southern outskirts of Addis Ababa, enclosed within a dense eucalyptus grove. Find out more


Rehabilitation of the Walled City, Nicosia, CyprusRehabilitation of the Walled City, Nicosia, Cyprus
14.89MB - 2 mins 20 secs
The representatives of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities of Nicosia decided to transcend a tense political situation and take the first steps towards reversing the city's physical decay and economic decline through the catalyst of restoring the historic walled city. Find out more


School in Rudrapur, Dinajpur, BangladeshSchool in Rudrapur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh
13.52MB - 2 mins 06 secs
This joyous and elegant two-storey primary school in rural Bangladesh has emerged from a deep understanding of local materials and a heart-felt connection to the local community. Find out more


Central Market, Koudougou, Burkina FasoCentral Market, Koudougou, Burkina Faso
15.6MB - 2mins 26secs
The impact of Koudougou's Central Market is twofold: at the urban scale, it reinforces and enhances the fabric of a mid-sized town, providing a monumental civic space for commercial and social exchange. Find out more


Samir Kassir Square, Beirut, LebanonSamir Kassir Square, Beirut, Lebanon
13.8MB - 2mins 11secs
A serene and contemplative space in the heart of downtown Beirut, Samir Kassir Square provides welcome relief from the built-up urban fabric and frenetic pace of the central business district. Find out more


Rehabilitation of the City of Shibam, Wadi Hadhramaut, YemenRehabilitation of the City of Shibam, Wadi Hadhramaut, Yemen
15.6MB - 2mins 26secs
The mud-brick high-rise buildings of Shibam cluster in a walled mass that exudes the genius of Yemeni architecture. Find out more


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