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"The duty of responsible stewardship is very clear, a concept that can be equated to the notions of trust and trusteeship in today’s international legal terminology. The obligation to maintain the highest level of integrity in the management of donated resources, and of the institutions benefiting from them, is grounded in our faith."

His Highness the
Aga Khan, Conference on Indigenous Philanthropy, Islamabad, Pakistan (21 October 2000)

AKDN’s programme in Pakistan is, in experiential terms, the most studied development programme in the Network. Many of the methods employed elsewhere by AKDN agencies, and replicated by other NGOs and governments, were tried first and then refined in Pakistan. AKDN’s earliest coordinated area development programme included community mobilisation, infrastructure development, microfinance lending and savings, agricultural programmes that encompass land reclamation, irrigation and forestry, curative health care, preventive community health schemes and world-class medical training, education from pre-primary to postgraduate levels, the introduction of clean-water supplies and sanitation facilities, the construction of mini hydro-electric plants in remote communities, and the restoration of historic buildings, monuments and housing. Activities are largely concentrated in the mountainous Northern Areas, North West Frontier (Chitral) and Baltistan provinces as well as in the Punjab, Baluchistan and Sind provinces.


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Aga Khan Shocked and Saddened by Attack on the Ismaili Community in Pakistan
13 May 2015 - His Highness the Aga Khan, the Spiritual Leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, has expressed shock and sadness in the wake of an attack on a bus carrying members of the Ismaili community on their way to work in Karachi, Pakistan, that left 43 people dead.

Architects, Urban Planners and Academics Gather in Pakistan to Discuss Aga Khan Award for Architecture
10 November 2014 - The Aga Khan Award for Architecture held a seminar and exhibition on tje "Architecture is Life" in collaboration with the Aga Khan University (AKU) today.

Aga Khan Urges Innovative Approaches to Maternal and Child Care, Praises Canada’s Leadership
29 May 2014 - His Highness the Aga Khan today praised Canada’s global leadership in efforts to improve maternal, neonatal and child health and stressed the importance of innovative and community-based approaches in meeting the challenge which he described as “one of the highest priorities on the global development agenda.”

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