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"The duty of responsible stewardship is very clear, a concept that can be equated to the notions of trust and trusteeship in today’s international legal terminology. The obligation to maintain the highest level of integrity in the management of donated resources, and of the institutions benefiting from them, is grounded in our faith."

His Highness the
Aga Khan, Conference on Indigenous Philanthropy, Islamabad, Pakistan (21 October 2000)

AKDN works in five Pakistani provinces: Punjab, Baluchistan, Sind, Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. AKDN’s programme in Pakistan is, in experiential terms, the most studied development programme in the Network. Many of the methods employed elsewhere by AKDN agencies, and replicated by other NGOs and governments, were tried first and then refined in Pakistan. AKDN’s earliest coordinated area development programme included community mobilisation, infrastructure development, microfinance lending and savings, agricultural programmes that encompass land reclamation, irrigation and forestry, curative health care, preventive community health schemes and world-class medical training, education from pre-primary to postgraduate levels, the introduction of clean-water supplies and sanitation facilities, the construction of mini hydro-electric plants in remote communities, and the restoration of historic buildings, monuments and housing.


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Statement at the 5th Ministerial Conference Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process
21 December 2015 - Statement at the Fifth Ministerial Conference Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process

Aga Khan Visits UNHCR Headquarters to Discuss Enhanced Cooperation
06 November 2015 - His Highness the Aga Khan, visited UNHCR headquarters today to meet UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres and discuss past and future cooperation in emergency operations around the world.

First Class of Nurses Graduates in Faizabad, Afghanistan
23 September 2015 - Sixty-one students were awarded the General Nursing Diploma at a graduation ceremony in Faizabad, Afghanistan.

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