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Aga Khan Foundation

The Aga Khan Foundation brings together human, financial and technical resources to address some of the challenges faced by the poorest and most marginalised communities in the world.  Special emphasis is placed on investing in human potential, expanding opportunity and improving the overall quality of life, especially for women and girls.  It works primarily in six areas:  Agriculture and Food Security; Economic Inclusion; Education; Early Childhood Development; Health and Nutrition; and Civil Society.

AKF seeks to multiply the impact of these programmes with the judicious use of new technology and three main multipliers of impact:    

  • Networks:  the leveraging of shared platforms and partnerships that extend and deepen connections, such as farmer’s cooperatives,
  • Institution building:  creating lasting positive changes over the long term by creating institutions that sustain positive change, such as mini-hydels and the communal electricity boards who run them;
  • Influencing policy:  by creating replicable models and approaches to development, the Foundation works to influence policy at all legislative levels, such as the adoption of nationwide policies on maternal health care or best practices in water use.