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Geographies of Islam

Geographies of Islam"Geographies of Islam", at the Real Fundación, in Toledo, Spain, ran from 9 October 2008 to 17 January 2009, drawing over 40,000 visitors. Toledo's unique history, with its overlays of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, made the Fundación Real de Toledo an ideal setting for an exhibition. However, the exhbition space, which was a a single room of about 10 metres by 20 metres, posed a challenge. A completely different concept from those of earlier exhibitions was developed.

A world map extending from Portugal to China was printed on special linoleum and placed along the whole length of the room like a carpet. In transparent glass showcases, and on the walls, 28 outstanding objects from the Aga Khan Museum collection were exhibited, with numbers indicating their provenance in the map.

For more information, please see the Geographies of Islam programme.

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