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The Aga Khan Museum will be open to the public on 18 September 2014 in Toronto, Canada. The Museum collection contains over one thousand artefacts and artworks and spans over one thousand years of history. The objects – in ceramic, metalwork, ivory, stone and wood, textile and carpet, glass and rock crystal objects, parchment and illustrated paintings on paper – present an overview of the artistic accomplishments of Muslim civilisations from the Iberian Peninsula to China.

For more information, including up to date information on artefacts in the Museum's collection, please see the Museum website:


Arts of the Book: Illustrated Texts, Miniatures

Region: Turkey | Probably the Hijaz (Arabia) | All
Dynasty: Timurid | Tughluq Sultanate | All
Date: Tughluq, circa 1350-1450 CE | Timurid, dated 899 H/1493-94 CE | All


Arts of the Book: Manuscripts, Folios, Bindings

Region: Turkey | South-east Asia | All
Dynasty: Seljuq | Timurid | All
Date: Timurid, circa 1400 CE | Sultanate, 15th century CE | All


Carpets and Textiles

Region: Turkey | Iran or China | All
Dynasty: Ottoman | Mughal | All
Date: Ottoman, 17th century CE | Mughal, dated 1130-32 H/1718-20 CE | All


Ceramic, Mosaic

Region: Turkey | Syria or Iran | All
Dynasty: Zhengde | Zand | All
Date: Zhengde, 1506-21 CE | Zand, 18th century CE | All


Glass, Rock Crystal and Jade

Region: Syria or Iran | Sicily | All
Dynasty: Qajar | Mughal | All
Date: Qajar, 19th century CE | Mughal, 16th century and later | All


Ivory and Mother-of-pearl

Region: India | Egypt | All
Dynasty: Mughal | Mamluk | All
Date: Mughal, 18th century CE | Mamluk, circa 1470 CE | All


Marble and Stucco

Region: Syria or Mesopotamia | North Africa | All
Dynasty: Umayyad | Mamluk | All
Date: Umayyad, circa 950-70 CE | Mamluk, 15th-16th century CE | All



Region: Sicily | Northwest Iran or Anatolia | All
Dynasty: Safavid | Umayyad | All
Date: Safavid, 17th century CE | Umayyad, 10th century CE | All



Region: Iran | All
Dynasty: Safavid | Zand | All
Date: Safavid, 17th century CE | Zand, circa 1780s CE | All


Wood and Lacquer

Region: Turkey or Egypt | Syria | All
Dynasty: Zand and Qajar | Umayyad | All
Date: Zand or Qajar, 18th-19th century | Umayyad, 10th-11th century | All