18 January 2017

The Aga Khan Foundation has launched a new research programme with the University of Oxford entitled, Re-examining the Meaning of Learning in an Uncertain World.

The seminar series will be...

18 January 2017
A classroom for the mountains, Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic. @ucentralasia Read article: https://t.co/5yu7ecAMzU https://t.co/dvH3uO7nBa
16 January 2017

After receiving a Youth Micro Challenge award from AKDN, these four women entrepreneurs opened an electric repair shop in their village of some 750 housesholds near Skardu in Baltistan.⠀

07 Nov 2016

2016 AKAA ceremony

116 projects
116 projects have received the award over the last 40 years, often anticipating innovations, such as green buildings, or reflecting architectural discourse, such as a return to human scale.
2 millions
Over 2 million students benefit from AKDN education programmes annually. Programmes range from early childhood development to primary and secondary schools, from vocational studies to university degrees.
AKDN employs 80,000 people in over 30 countries around the world. AKDN also relies on thousands of volunteers to help implement and maintain its projects, notably at health and education facilities.