24 April 2018

India - The Qutb Shahi tombs heritage site have been open to public since 18 April. The #restoration works undertaken by the #AgaKhan Trust for Culture (AKTC) included removal of inappropriate...

24 April 2018
Members of Calgary’s Ismaili Muslim community are preparing for a visit from His Highness the #AgaKhan next month. The spiritual leader will be in #Calgary from 9 to 11 May as part of a visit to #Canada to celebrate his #DiamondJubilee anniversary. #AKDN https://t.co/j3pvKyzrfh https://t.co/hhIYEZnK4I
04 Apr 2018

The Water and Sanitation Extension Programme (WASEP)

Each year, in collaboration with its partners, the AKDN provides 5 million people with quality health care, through outpatient visits and community health programmes.
As of 2017, the Aga Khan Award for Architecture will be 40 years old, making it the oldest major award in the field.
AKDN employs 80,000 people in over 30 countries around the world. AKDN also relies on thousands of volunteers to help implement and maintain its projects, notably at health and education facilities.