29 May 2017

"The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa is a leader in Kenya in the quality of its IB results. In 2015, one of its students achieved a perfect score of 45 in the IB Diploma, placing her in the top 0.3...

29 May 2017
What is pluralism? On May 16th the #AgaKhan opened a Global Centre for Pluralism in #Canada Read article: https://t.co/l3LPIvi105 https://t.co/secmVgIzBm
28 April 2017

We're very proud to have been awarded the National Sanitation Award for our work in Bihar, India! ⠀

This award, given by the India Sanitation Coalition and Federation of Indian...

29 May 2017

Early Childhood Development (ECD) – AKDN contributions

AKDN employs 80,000 people in over 30 countries around the world. AKDN also relies on thousands of volunteers to help implement and maintain its projects, notably at health and education facilities.
9,000 projects
Over 9,000 building projects have been documented and are now available on archnet.org.  They range from rural schools to urban water towers, from state-of-the-art skyscrapers to modest mud-brick structures.
116 projects
116 projects have received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture over the last 40 years, often anticipating innovations, such as green buildings, or reflecting architectural discourse, such as a return to human scale.