23 February 2017

Khorog Campus Construction, University of Central Asia (UCA), Tajikistan, February 2017.
UCA was founded in the year 2000. The Presidents of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and...

23 February 2017
Tanzania - Grooming the young doctors into becoming specialists. @AKUGlobal Read article: https://t.co/0QKvHFtQxr https://t.co/JJC9Hgg1em
21 February 2017

At a research station outside Ishkashim in northern Afghanistan farmers plant potato seeds until they grow into small bulbs which can then be distributed to other farmers for planting. ⠀

07 Nov 2016

2016 AKAA ceremony

5 millions
Each year, in collaboration with its partners, the AKDN provides 5 million people with quality health care, including through outpatient visits and community health programmes.
2 millions
Over 2 million students benefit from AKDN education programmes annually. Programmes range from early childhood development to primary and secondary schools, from vocational studies to university degrees.
116 projects
116 projects have received the award over the last 40 years, often anticipating innovations, such as green buildings, or reflecting architectural discourse, such as a return to human scale.