20 September 2017

Access to electricity is essential for a basic dignified standard of living. Without electricity, it is a struggle to receive adequate medical care, pursue an education, communicate and receive...

20 September 2017
Since 1970 #akdn has been a pioneer in water sanitation & hygiene programmes to improve health #GlobalGoals #SDG6 https://t.co/m38d429Gm9 https://t.co/BnT64c7Gxg
19 September 2017

The @agakhanmuseum turns three today!

Since opening in 2014, the Aga Khan Museum has presented its Permanent Collection from multiple perspectives, as well as several temporary exhibitions...

12 Jul 2017

AKDN Values in Action

9,000 projects
Over 9,000 building projects have been documented and are now available on archnet.org.  They range from rural schools to urban water towers, from state-of-the-art skyscrapers to modest mud-brick structures.
2 million
Over 2 million students benefit from AKDN education programmes annually. Programmes range from early childhood development to primary and secondary schools, from vocational studies to university degrees.
$1 million
One million dollars are shared among prize winners, as determined by the independent Master Jury.  Half the prize money is a grant for promoting the replicable aspects of the design.