19 September 2017

An Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) supported water pump, Bartang Valley, Tajikistan. Photo: AKDN / Christopher Wilton-Steer

19 September 2017
L'égalité des sexes est essentiel dans toutes les sociétés. L' #akdn travaille dans ce sens #Objectifsmondiaux #SDG5 https://t.co/8oAeC4fqlx https://t.co/4N8eJ8srvC
19 September 2017

If girls in remote places around the world are provided with access to education close to their homes, and in a context which recognises community values and concerns, they are more likely to go...

12 Jul 2017

AKDN Values in Action

9,000 projects
Over 9,000 building projects have been documented and are now available on archnet.org.  They range from rural schools to urban water towers, from state-of-the-art skyscrapers to modest mud-brick structures.
5 million
Each year, in collaboration with its partners, the AKDN provides 5 million people with quality health care, including through outpatient visits and community health programmes.
2 million
Over 2 million students benefit from AKDN education programmes annually. Programmes range from early childhood development to primary and secondary schools, from vocational studies to university degrees.