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  • Vice President of Afghanistan H.E. Ahmad Zia Massoud speaking at the Enabling Environment Conference, Kabul.
    AKDN / Gary Otte
The Enabling Environment Conference, Kabul Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan, 4-6 June 2007 - Over 300 government officials, entrepreneurs and civil society leaders from around the world have registered to take part in the conference.

The Aga Khan called for government, civil society, and the business community to better coordinate their efforts in fostering the development of the country’s private sector.

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Conference statement and roadmap
English ; Dari

Round table consultations
English ; Dari

Summary of discussions

A policy for private sector growth and development

About the Enabling Environment Conference

Overview paper
prepared for the Enabling Environment Conference
English Dari 

Background papers

Lack of access to energy
The World Bank Group
English Dari

The operating environment for Small and Medium Enterprises in rural Afghanistan: enabling or disabling?
Saeed Parto, Anna Paterson and Asif Karimi, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit
English ; Dari

Unleashing Entrepreneurship: nurturing an Enabling Environment for SME Development in Afghanistan
UNDP Afghanistan English ; Dari

Challenges of access to financial services
The World Bank with Asian Development Bank
English ; Dari

Lack of human capacity in the public and private sectors
Dr. Sarah Lister English ; Dari

Challenges presented by the legal and regulatory framework governing private for-profit activity
Altai Consulting English ; Dari

Challenges presented by the legal, regulatory, administrative and fiscal framework governing civil society
Dr. Leon E. Irish and Professor Karla W. Simon, International Center for Civil Society Law     
English ; Dari

Potential for public private partnerships in Afghanistan
Michael Barrow and Martin Tornberg, Private Sector Operations Department, Asian Development Bank English ; Dari

Corporate social responsibility: business and civil society working together
Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy English ; Dari

Case studies

Government and the private sector working together to create the Afghan telecommunications industry
English ; Dari

The Afghanistan Beverage Industries Limited: "Cristal"
English ; Dari

Essential oils and natural perfumes: a rural development opportunity in Afghanistan: Gulestan Ariana Company
English ; Dari

Socially responsible economic development: the Shamali Model Farms
English ; Dari

Public-Private partnerships in economic development: the New Baghlan Sugar Company
English ; Dari

Helping Afghanistan's street working children: Aschiana
English; Dari

The rapid expansion of dried fruit and nuts exports: the Kabul Dried Fruit and Nuts Consortium and Angaza Limited
English ; Dari

Expanding the outreach of financial services: the experience of financial institutions
English ; Dari

More information about the sponsors and partners

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