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Programmes in Egypt began with the creation of 30-hectare (74-acre) Al-Azhar park on the site of what had been a rubble dump for 500 years. Today, the project has evolved well beyond the Park to include the restoration of 1.5 kilometres of the 12th century Ayyubid wall and several landmark buildings, as well as socio-economic initiatives in the neighbouring Darb al-Ahmar district. These include housing rehabilitation, microfinance, apprenticeships and healthcare. Nurse’s training and early childhood education programmes are also underway in Aswan.



A "Green Lung" for Cairo

In 1984, His Highness the Aga Khan announced his decision to finance the creation of a park for the citizens of the Egyptian capital. The only central location that was of suitable scale was the derelict Darassa site, a 30-hectare (74-acre) mound of rubble that had been a debris dump for 500 years. Al-Azhar Park, undertaken by the AKTC, has since proven to be both a popular open space for the people of Cairo and a powerful catalyst for urban renewal in the neighbouring district of Darb al-Ahmar. More


News Archives

The Role of Culture in Development: The Aga Khan Speaks at UNESCO Conference in China
15 May 2013 - The Aga Khan today delivered the keynote address at a conference entitled "Culture: Key to Sustainable Development" organised by UNESCO and Government of China in Hangzhou, China.

The Arts of Darb al-Ahmar, Cairo
25 October 2011 - "The Arts of Darb al Ahmar", a catalogue showcasing the unique arts of Egyptian craftspeople who work in the district of Darb al-Ahmar, at the heart of Historic Cairo, is now available.

Continuing Education Centre Opens in Aswan
10 June 2010 - The Continuing Education Center (CEC), an initiative of Om Habibeh Foundation (an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network), was opened to provide new graduates with the skills necessary to be employed in the labour market and offer practical employment-related training to the youth of Aswan and Upper Egypt. The ultimate goal is to foster economic development.

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