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Click on the image to find out more on Aga Khan Academies.A new Aga Khan Academy is to be created as a part of an international network of schools called Aga Khan Academies. Dedicated to an international level of excellence in education, the Academies offer a curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate. To ensure access regardless of socio-economic status or other limiting factors, admission is merit-based and means-blind. The Academies feature residential campuses with well-equipped classrooms for sciences, art and music, a library, a religion and culture room, a counselling facility and a workshop. They have student and teacher lounges, a theatre, multipurpose hall, cafeteria and dining area. Facilities for sports include swimming pools, fields for athletics and a well-equipped gymnasium. Each Academy will incorporate a Professional Development Centre, which will extend modern teaching and learning methods to government and other private schools. The network of Academies will introduce a system of international student and teacher exchanges between Academies in different countries and with allied schools.

For more information, please see the Aga Khan Academies pages.

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