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Culture: Recipients of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Koudougou’s Central MarketKoudougou’s Central Market (2007)
The market introduces simple improvements to a traditional material -stabilised earth -to create an important space for civic exchange and economic opportunity, helping enhance and strengthen a mid-sized town in Burkina Faso. The Award will be shared by the Koudougou Municipality, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the architects, Laurent Séchaud and Pierre Jéquier. The Jury lauded the Central Market for responding “sensitively to its urban context while also creating powerful sculptural spaces in its interior. Blocks of compressed earth are used to form celebratory domes, vaults and arches, demonstrating how large repetitive structural spans have the capacity to ennoble public space”.
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Primary School, Gando, Burkina FasoPrimary School, Gando, Burkina Faso (2004)
This school is the result of one man’s mission to improve conditions in his village. Not only did he design the school and raise the funds to build it; he also secured government support to train people in building with local materials, and drew on the strong tradition of community solidarity to engage all of the villagers in the construction of this school for their children. “This project has received an Award for its elegant architectonic clarity, achieved with the most humble of means and materials, and for its transformative value,” said the Jury. “Located in a remote settlement of Burkina Faso, the school is the result of a vision that was first articulated by the architect and then embraced by his community.”
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Panafrican Institute for DevelopmentPanafrican Institute for DevelopmentPanafrican Institute for Development (1992)
In 1978, the Panafrican Institute for Development (PID) commissioned the Association pour le Développement d'une Architecture et d'un Urbanisme Africains (ADAUA) to design and build the future campus of the PID in the Sahel, at Ouagadougou. In planning the new campus, both organisations wished to demonstrate the creative potential of local materials and their appropriateness to the socio-cultural context and the climate of the Sahel region. The jury believed the PID to represent "one of the most impressive contemporary realisations in stabilised mud brick in Africa. It is a modern work that makes use of improved inexpensive materials and intermediate building technologies, a good example of architectural ingenuity and technical virtuosity."
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