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Bangladesh has been the recipient of two Aga Khan Awards for Architecture, including:

School in Rudrapur, Bangladesh (2007)School in Rudrapur, Bangladesh (2007)
Hand-built in four months by the local community and volunteer architects from Germany and Austria, the School in Rudrapur, Bangladesh, makes use of easily available local materials to create a new model for school construction that is beautiful, simple and humane. The architects Anna Heringer and Eike Roswag will share the Award with the craftsmen and volunteers who assisted in the building, and the Bangladeshi NGO for sustainable rural development, Dipshikha. For more information, please see the 2007 Awards.

Grameen Bank Housing Programme, Various locations, Bangladesh (1989)Grameen Bank Housing Programme, Various locations, Bangladesh (1989)
The Grameen Bank is a co-operative non-governmental association that first began a loan programme, without collateral, for the rural poor to help them initiate income generating schemes. This proved successful, the incomes of the loan recipients rose, and most were able to repay the bank. Encouraged, bank officials decided to extend the bank's support to house-building, and now offer credit to its shelterless members, 84% being women, to build flood and water resistant modest houses. Along with loans of approximately US$ 350 at five percent interest, each borrower receives four concrete columns, a prefabricated sanitary slab and 26 corrugated iron roofing sheets. The structural system is based on a standard module, and the pre-cast building materials are mass-produced off site and made available to the self-helpers at low prices. The families construct the houses themselves. In the first five years of the programme 44,500 houses were built, and 98 percent of the participants had paid back their loans. The jury stated that "the lesson of this success lies in the thoughtful concept and the participatory process behind it, which could be emulated, not imitated, throughout the Muslim and Third Worlds." For more information, please the Awards page.

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