Rüstem Pasa Caravanserai - Aga Khan Award for Architecture
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Rüstem Pasa Caravanserai

Rüstem Pasa Caravanserai
Location: Edirne, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Ertan Çakirlar
Client: Department of Pious Foundations / Fikret Çuhadaroglu, Director, and Mehmet Özturk, Regional Director
Completed: 1972
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Rüstem Pasa Caravanserai Project Brief

The caravanserai (once a warehouse and overnight stop for camel caravans) is located in the historical centre of the city. Built in the 16th century by the great architect Sinan, it was restored and converted into a 150-room hotel in 1972. Although the restoration itself represents a high standard of conception and performance, the hotel conversion proved impractical. The jury commended the restoration of an important monument in spite of the failure of its re-use.

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