Aga Khan Award for Architecture
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Projects based in Yemen

Thula Fort RestorationThula Fort Restoration
Location: Thula, Yemen (Arabian Peninsula)
Architect: Abdullah Al-Hadrami, Sana’a, Yemen
Completed: 2011
Site size: 8’754 m²
AKAA 2013 Cycle
Thula Fort Restoration Project Brief

Rehabilitation of the Old CityRehabilitation of the Old City
Location: Shibam, Yemen (Arabian Peninsula)
Architect: GTZ Technical Office
Completed: 2005
Site size: 81'000 m²
AKAA 2007 Cycle
Rehabilitation of the Old City Project Brief

Restoration of the Amiriya ComplexRestoration of the Amiriya Complex
Location: Rada, Yemen (Arabian Peninsula)
Architect: Selma Al-Radi
Completed: 2005
AKAA 2007 Cycle
Restoration of the Amiriya Complex Project Brief

Restoration of Al-Abbas MosqueRestoration of Al-Abbas Mosque
Location: Asnaf, Yemen (Arabian Peninsula)
Architect: Marylène Barret, Abdullah al-Hadrami
Completed: 1996
AKAA 2004 Cycle
Restoration of Al-Abbas Mosque Project Brief

Conservation of Old SanaConservation of Old Sana'a
Location: Sana'a, Yemen (Arabian Peninsula)
Architect: General Organisation for the Protection of the Historic Cities of Yemen (GOPHCY)
Completed: 1987
AKAA 1995 Cycle
Conservation of Old Sana'a Project Brief