Aga Khan Award for Architecture
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Projects based in Turkey

Ipekyol Textile FactoryIpekyol Textile Factory
Location: Edirne, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Emre Arolat Architects
Completed: 2006
Site size: 20'000 m┬▓
AKAA 2010 Cycle
Ipekyol Textile Factory Project Brief

B2 HouseB2 House
Location: Canakkale, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Han T├╝mertekin
Completed: 2001
Site size: 400 m┬▓
AKAA 2004 Cycle
B2 House Project Brief

Olbia Social CentreOlbia Social Centre
Location: Antalya, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Cengiz Bektas
Completed: 1999
Site size: 12'000 m┬▓
AKAA 2001 Cycle
Olbia Social Centre Project Brief

Mosque of the Grand National AssemblyMosque of the Grand National Assembly
Location: Ankara, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Behruz & Can Cinici
Completed: 1989
Site size: 6'400 m┬▓
AKAA 1995 Cycle
Mosque of the Grand National Assembly Project Brief

Re-Forestation Programme of METURe-Forestation Programme of METU
Location: Ankara, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Middle East Technical University Re-Forestation Directorate, Alattin Egemen
Completed: 1960
Site size: 45'000'000 m┬▓
AKAA 1995 Cycle
Re-Forestation Programme of METU Project Brief

Demir Holiday VillageDemir Holiday Village
Location: Bodrum, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Turgut Cansever, Emine ├ľg├╝n, Mehmet ├ľg├╝n, and Feyza Cansever
Completed: 1987
Site size: 27'000 m┬▓
AKAA 1992 Cycle
Demir Holiday Village Project Brief

Palace Parks ProgrammePalace Parks Programme
Location: Istanbul, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Regional Offices of the National Palaces Trust
Completed: 1984
Site size: 400'193 m┬▓
AKAA 1992 Cycle
Palace Parks Programme Project Brief

G├╝rel Family Summer ResidenceG├╝rel Family Summer Residence
Location: Canakkale, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Sedat G├╝rel
Completed: 1971
Site size: 1'000 m┬▓
AKAA 1989 Cycle
G├╝rel Family Summer Residence Project Brief

Historic Sites DevelopmentHistoric Sites Development
Location: Istanbul, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey / Çelik Gülersoy
Completed: 1974
AKAA 1986 Cycle
Historic Sites Development Project Brief

Social Security ComplexSocial Security Complex
Location: Istanbul, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Sedad Hakki Eldem
Completed: 1970
AKAA 1986 Cycle
Social Security Complex Project Brief

Nail Çakirhan ResidenceNail Çakirhan Residence
Location: Akyaka, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Nail Çakirhan
Completed: 1971
AKAA 1983 Cycle
Nail Çakirhan Residence Project Brief

Erteg├╝n HouseErteg├╝n House
Location: Bodrum, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Turgut Cansever
Completed: 1973
AKAA 1980 Cycle
Erteg├╝n House Project Brief

R├╝stem Pasa CaravanseraiR├╝stem Pasa Caravanserai
Location: Edirne, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Ertan Çakirlar
Completed: 1972
AKAA 1980 Cycle
R├╝stem Pasa Caravanserai Project Brief

Turkish Historical SocietyTurkish Historical Society
Location: Ankara, Turkey (Asia)
Architect: Turgut Cansever and Ertur Yener
Completed: 1966
AKAA 1980 Cycle
Turkish Historical Society Project Brief