Aga Khan Award for Architecture
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Projects based in Morocco

Rabat-Salé Urban Infrastructure ProjectRabat-Salé Urban Infrastructure Project
Location: Rabat, Morocco (North Africa)
Architect: Marc Mimram Architecture, Paris, France
Completed: 2011
Site size: Bridge length: 330 m - Viaduct length: 600 m - Nautical Base Bridge length: 100 m
AKAA 2013 Cycle
Rabat-Salé Urban Infrastructure Project Project Brief

Aït IktelAït Iktel
Location: Abadou, Morocco (North Africa)
Architect: Ali Amahan
Completed: 1995
Site size: 1'500'000 m²
AKAA 2001 Cycle
Aït Iktel Project Brief

Rehabilitation of AsilahRehabilitation of Asilah
Location: Asilah, Morocco (North Africa)
Architect: Al-Mouhit Cultural Association / Mohammed Benaïssa and Mohammed Melehi
Completed: 1978
Site size: 90'000 m²
AKAA 1989 Cycle
Rehabilitation of Asilah Project Brief

Dar Lamane HousingDar Lamane Housing
Location: Casablanca, Morocco (North Africa)
Architect: Abderrahim Charai and Abdelaziz Lazrak
Completed: 1983
Site size: 366'773 m²
AKAA 1986 Cycle
Dar Lamane Housing Project Brief

Courtyard HousesCourtyard Houses
Location: Agadir, Morocco (North Africa)
Architect: Jean-François Zevaco
Completed: 1965
AKAA 1980 Cycle
Courtyard Houses Project Brief