Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Aga Khan Development Network

Projects based in Egypt

Bibliotheca AlexandrinaBibliotheca Alexandrina
Location: Alexandria, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Snohetta Hamza Consortium
Completed: 2002
Site size: 45'000 m²
AKAA 2004 Cycle
Bibliotheca Alexandrina Project Brief

Nubian MuseumNubian Museum
Location: Aswan, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Mahmoud El-Hakim
Completed: 1997
Site size: 50'000 m²
AKAA 2001 Cycle
Nubian Museum Project Brief

Cultural Park for ChildrenCultural Park for Children
Location: Cairo, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Abdelhalim Ibrahim Abdelhalim
Completed: 1990
Site size: 12'500 m²
AKAA 1992 Cycle
Cultural Park for Children Project Brief

Ismaïliyya Development ProjectIsmaïliyya Development Project
Location: Ismailiyya, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Culpin Planning / David Allen
Completed: 1978
Site size: 3'800'000 m²
AKAA 1986 Cycle
Ismaïliyya Development Project Project Brief

Darb Qirmiz QuarterDarb Qirmiz Quarter
Location: Cairo, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Egyptian Antiquities Organization and German Archaeological Institute / Michael Meinecke, Philip Speiser, and Muhammad Fahmi Awad
Completed: 1980
Site size: 26'600 m²
AKAA 1983 Cycle
Darb Qirmiz Quarter Project Brief

Ramses Wissa Wassef Arts CentreRamses Wissa Wassef Arts Centre
Location: Giza, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Ramses Wissa Wassef
Completed: 1974
AKAA 1983 Cycle
Ramses Wissa Wassef Arts Centre Project Brief

Halawa HouseHalawa House
Location: Agamy, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Abdel Wahed El-Wakil
Completed: 1975
AKAA 1980 Cycle
Halawa House Project Brief