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Scholarship Programme News (Archives 2000-2001): Photo Album

AKFISPOn a trip to Pakistan in April 2001, Catherine Hieronymi met two scholarship alumnae living and working in Karachi. Dr. Ninette Banday had an Aga Khan Harvard scholarship for her MPH and Postdoctoral Training in General Dentistry at Harvard, which she finished in 1985. She has since obtained a doctorate in Dental Medicine from Harvard in 1996. Ninette has been working since 1985 at the Aga Khan Unviersity in Karachi, where she set up the Dental Clinic and has run it since its inception. She also provides dental instruction to the medical students. One of her new initiatives is the organisation of continuing education workshops for Pakistani dentists. Ninette started this programme in 1997 and has since held seminars on Endodontics, Crown and Bridge work, and Periodontology. She recently did her Fellowship in Implantology and is planning a workshop on this technology later in 2001. An innovation of her seminars is the use of live telecasts in which she demonstrates interventions from her surgery to allow participants to follow the work in progress and raise questions while she is working.

AKFISPMariyah Mazari has had an interesting and varied career since her return to Pakistan in 1986 after her AKF-sponsored Law degree and Bar Vocational Course at Cambridge and the Inns of Court School of Law in London. Following a year as a corporate lawyer, she became disenchanted with the bureaucracy of the legal profession and joined the business world. She held responsible positions in Human Resources and Sales and Marketing at Imperial Chemical Industries for 12 years, after which she decided to change tracks completely. In 2000, she joined the Indus Academy, a small private school, in which she had invested three years earlier. The Indus Academy currently takes children from two years old through primary school and plans to expand to include 'O' levels by adding one new class a year. Mariyah and her five partners run the school and also take part in the classroom teaching. Making a success of the Academy is a new challenge she enjoys and to which she is committed wholeheartedly.

In mid-February, a group of ISP students and Catherine Hieronymi from AKF Geneva got together for lunch at Khan's Restaurant in Bayswater. The students, each from a different country, were meeting for the first time and shared impressions about their studies and life in London. The photos below were taken in Hyde Park and show, seated on the bench from left, on Photo No. 1 : Tom Olali from Kenya, a doctoral student of African Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS); Gurdofarid Miskinzoda, a Tajik student currently at the Institute of Ismaili Studies and SOAS ; Iead Wanus from Syria doing Theatre Studies at Royal Holloway College ; seated on top are Bilquis Sana Khan from Pakistan studying for an MSc in Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Pallavi Aiyar from India doing an MSc in Global Media and Communications at the London School of Economics. Photo No. 2 is of Pallavi and Tom.



Photo 2 AKFISP



The photos below were taken during student meetings in Moscow. All the students are from the Pamirs in Tajikistan. Photo No. 3. shows the current Master's students supported through the International Scholarship Programme and Photo 6 some of the undergraduates at Moscow State (MSU) and People's Friendship (PFU) universities. On Photo No. 3 from the left are Economics students Tuichi Chorshanbiev, Manizha Mamadnabieva, Parvina Yusufbekova, Diloro Muborakshoeva, Abakhon Sultonazarov and Zamira Rakhmatova. Photos 4 and 5 are of Abakhon and Tuichi. Photo No. 6 is of a group of undergraduates.





Photo No. 7 is of the new group of 2000-01 students at American University in Kyrgyzstan (AUK) and Slavonic University, and No. 8 shows the older groups of undergraduates at a Bishkek restaurant during a visit by Catherine Hieronymi. On Photos 9-12 are : Dilya Dargabekova and Behruz Gulruzov , both studying International Relations and Lawat AUK ; and Basgul Jonboboeva and Oshik Oshikov, medical students at Slavonic University.




AKFISPPhoto 10

AKFISPPhoto 11

AKFISPPhoto 12

Sayora Dodikhudoeva (Photo No. 13) is an ISP graduate of Boston University, where she finished an EdM in Teaching English as a Second Language in 1997. After four years in the US, Sayora returned to her hometown, Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Her return was not easy. Tajikistan was recovering from a civil war and was in the midst of the transition from a centralised to a free-market economy. Jobs were scarce and people were finding is hard to make ends meet. After several months of unemployment, Saroya worked as an interpreter and translator, first freelance and later for a government organisation. She taught English for awhile and finally found her present job as Programme Officer at the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC) in Dushanbe. She had always been interested in international relations and with her excellent English, this job proved to fit her like a glove. She is currently responsible for several programmes funded by SDC : local development programmes, rehabilitation of social infrastructure projects, a peace promotion and a regional mountain development project. Her job includes evaluating project proposals and monitoring and reporting on current projects. Sayora has decided to stay in this field of work and is planning to do a Master's in International Conflict Management or Local and Regional Development. Good luck to Sayora.

AKFISPPhoto 13


New Delhi
In New Delhi last spring, Catherine Hieronymi visited with Neemat Hajeebhoy (Photo No. 14), a MHS graduate in International Health from Johns Hopkins University who was working as a Public Health Consultant for the Delhi office of the Academy of Educational Development of Washington DC. With her consultancy to end shortly, Nemat was looking for new challenges and her CV was circulated to AKDN health agencies. Nemat's focus areas in the past were Rural Water and Sanitation and Maternal and Child Health, and she had worked for the Aga Khan Health Service's Mombasa Primary Health Care Project in Kenya as part of her Master's course.

AKFISPPhoto 14


In Gilgit in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, Catherine met four ISP alumni (Photo No. 9, from the left to right, and the following portraits): Karim Alibhai from Kenya, who is working in Gilgit as the Director of the Water and Sanitation Programme of the Aga Khan Planning and Building Service; Ghulam Mustafa, an Agronomist specialised in potato production working for the Department of Agriculture, who was the recipient of an AKF scholarship for his MSc in Agricultural Management at the University of Reading; Dr. Ahsanullah Mir, who graduated with an MSc in Health in Developing Countries from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 1993 and is at present the Project Director of the Northern Areas Conservation Strategy at IUCN Pakistan; and Dr. Nayamat Shah from the Village of Ghulkin in Upper Hunza, who is currently Deputy Director of Health Services for the Northern Areas and had a scholarship for an MSc in Preventive Health Care Administration at the University of Wales, Cardiff, 1989-90.

AKFISPPhoto 15


AKFISPPhoto 16


AKFISPPhoto 17


AKFISPPhoto 18


AKFISPPhoto 19


Dr. Salim Sadruddin and his wife, Dr. Laila Salim, Dr. Rushna Ravji and Sabrina Kassam-Jan (Photos 20, 21 and 22) were all in Islamabad when Catherine visited. Salim is presently doing a PhD in Health Systems Research at South Bank University, London, with partial AKF assistance; Laila has been working at AKF(Pakistan) as Programme Officer for Health for close to eight years; Rushna was with the World Bank in Islamabad before moving to Washington DC; Sabrina is a Gender and Development specialist who received her Master's degree from the University of Sussex in 1990. Married to a Northern Areas Pakistani, she is working as a Human Rights Advisor to the UN Co-ordinator's Office for Afghanistan and finishing her DPhil in Social and Cultural Anthropology for Oxford.

AKFISPPhoto 20

AKFISPPhoto 21

AKFISPPhoto 22

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