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Geneva visitors

Rumina SunderjiRumina SunderjiOn the same day in late April, two former AKF scholars passed through Geneva. Rumina Sunderji (ISP 90-94) has an MASc in Biotechnology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and currently resides in Toronto. She is originally from Tabora in Tanzania but has made her career in the pharmaceutical field in Canada. She was in Switzerland for training related to her job as Business Manager in Contracts and Outsourcing for Clearstone Central Labs, a Hoffman-La Roche company. Her first stop was in the UK for meetings near London followed by several days of training at Hoffman LaRoche’s headquarters in Basel. She spent an evening and a morning in Geneva, where she and Catherine Hieronymi shared breakfast and a quick tour of the Geneva highpoints before her flight to Toronto.

Hasan LatifHasan LatifAbout the same time, Hasan Latif (ISP 81-83) arrived on a flight from New York. Hasan is originally from India and has an MS in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He was sent to Switzerland for a two-week training programme by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he is a Bank Examiner. He stopped in Geneva for a day and left the next morning for the Swiss National Bank training centre near Bern, the Swiss capital. The other participants in the programme were from central banks in Europe, the CIS and Latin America and, once back in New York, Hasan reported that the programme had been very fruitful. He was able to network and come away with a lot of new ideas and information.


Mirza Mohammad Amiri: Asia Foundation Chang-Lin Tien Visiting Fellow

Mirza Mohammad AmiriMirza Mohammad Amiri
Photo courtesy of Mirza Amiri
Mirza Amiri (ISP 07-09), Director, and Chief Executive Officer of the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, has been selected for this year’s Asia Foundation Chang-Lin Tien Visiting Fellows Program. The Fellowship offers mid-career Asian professionals an opportunity for mutually beneficial intellectual exchange with counterparts in the U.S. The program is intended to bring an Asian perspective on current significant issues in the Fellow’s country to Americans, while affording the Fellow insights into current significant issues in the U.S. During his stay in the USA, Mirza will be working with US International Trade Administration and US Department of Commerce to learn about their export programs and collaborate on areas of mutual interest.

Our warm congratulations to Mirza on this fantastic opportunity!    

ISP Donations

Robin, Nafisa and AzimRobin, Nafisa and AzimAzim Rawji (ISP 91-95) was the recipient of an Aga Khan Foundation scholarship for his MEng degree in Electronic Engineering Design at King’s College London, which he finished in 1995. After his studies, Azim moved to the United States to pursue his career and currently lives with his wife, Robin, and daughter, Nafisa, in Massachusetts. Ten years after finishing his degree, Azim and Robin started making donations to the International Scholarship Programme, and to date AKF has received $33,000 from the couple to help support the scholars on its programme. Many thanks to Azim and Robin for their generosity.

Another faithful contributor to the scholarship programme is Husein Amarshi (ISP 86-89) who has a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Husein started donating in 2008 and has provided $22,500 to the programme so far. He is currently Group Financial Controller at Freight Forwarders Kenya Ltd. in Mombasa. Feroze Merchant (ISP 93-95) has also made a donation this year. A computer engineer who studied at the University of Southern California, Feroze works as Design Manager at Intel Corp. in Austin, Texas. His donations total $12,800. Thank you, Husein and Feroze, for your support.

Khalil PiraniKhalil PiraniKhalil Pirani (ISP 82-89) and his wife Sameena Pirani (ISP 87-91) have also donated to the programme this year. Their total donation is $10,000. Khalil received his BA in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and MArch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2002, he co-edited a book "Understanding Islamic Architecture" with Prof. Attilio Petruccioli at MIT. Khalil is currently a Senior Architect with Rizvi Architects in Boston, MA. Sameena received the scholarship for her BA in Psychology from Mount Holyoke College and went on to earn an MS in Child Development & Family Studies from Purdue University. She is a teacher at Together We Grow Preschool in Wellesley, MA. Our sincere appreciation to Khalil and Sameena for their contribution!


Farouk Jiwa’s Farm Shop, a social enterprise in Kenya

Farouk JiwaFarouk Jiwa (ISP 94-98) has some exciting news. He started a social enterprise in Kenya called Farm Shop, a micro-franchise model which aims to improve access to seeds, fertiliser, animal health products, solar lanterns, water filters, etc., across rural Kenya.

The first Farm Shop outlet is under conversion in Ngecha, a small town off the main road to Limuru, a lovely and fertile farming area with rolling green hills about 45 minutes out of Nairobi. Farouk writes “We’ve given the place a coat of brilliant white paint inside and outside, fixed up the shelves and painted the floor a dark green and opened up the space, fixed the leaking roof, etc. It looks great and a lovely blank canvas on which the logo will go up soon. With just that small tweak to the place, business is already up and all the neighbouring farmers love the friendly open-concept shop – quite unique in rural Kenya!”

The shop owner, David, who is a young married man with two small children, has a diploma in veterinary science and had opened the small shop six months ago to sell seeds and other agricultural products. Without any formal business training he was just muddling along until Farouk and team  showed up and advised him about how to improve his shop.

Farouk enumerates additional plans for upgrading: “ We’ll be plastering the Farm Shop logo (just being finalised) on everything – billboards, directional sign board along the four dirt roads that lead to David’s shop, t-shirts, calendar (Kenyans just love their calendars), every product the shop carries (seed bags, animal feed, solar lanterns, water filters, etc). There’s a young artists’ association in Ngecha and they do some lovely murals all over the place and we’ll be sponsoring them to undertake a Bansky-style campaign to beautify the town (and weave in a Farm Shop logo along the way). We also have this crazy idea of asking farmers to let us stencil their donkeys, cows and goats with Farm shop logos (only if their treat their animals humanely) in exchange for free vaccinations and de-worming, etc. We’re hiring two full-time staff to attach to David’s shop by mid-Feb and they’ll go door-to-door to get the word out to every single household in a 5 km radius. We’re also going to have David give a talk to the kids at his former primary and high school, sponsor the 4K clubs there as well as get David out to Sarah’s (his wife, who is a teacher) class as a guest speaker (which she think would be brilliant).”

There are further plans to expand to a nearby store to increase the space, to open another four outlets by June and then run them for six months and build the right business model. After that, they want to open 100 outlets per year for the next five years.

Farouk is delighted with this project. He says that “this is what I do when I’ve put in a solid 60 hours a week at CARE”, where he is a Senior Technical Advisor with the Economic Development Unit. This is truly a great idea and lots of luck to Farouk and his team.


Alumni focus group in Saint Petersburg
Photos by Mikhail Romanyuk and Gulmurod Shoziyoev

The golden ball room in Polovstov HouseThe golden ball room in Polovstov HouseA focus group of Tajik students and alumni living in Russia was held in Saint Petersburg in early December to discuss the proposal to start a global Aga Khan Scholarship Alumni Association. The focus group was part of a two-day event organised by Aga Khan Foundation (Russia) for 24 students and alumni who travelled from Moscow and a student from Saint Petersburg. The alumni visit was organised around the ceremonies associated with the inauguration at the Hermitage Museum of the exhibition Treasures of the Aga Khan Museum: Architecture in the Islamic World. The exhibit is part of the collection of the Aga Khan Museum currently under construction and due to open in 2013 in Toronto, Canada. The alumni reunion was organised at the same time to give the alumni a chance to visit the exhibit and to enjoy other cultural experiences in the beautiful city of canals and former Imperial capital.

Farangis describing the Alumni Association in MoscowFarangis describing the Alumni Association in Moscow The alumni meeting was held in an old historic palace known as Polovstov House, which Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah, Aga Khan III, visited in 1912, when he was the guest of the Polovstov family, and which he described in his Memoirs.

The discussions started with the introduction of the participants (see the list of participants below). The Moscow alumni had already formed a local Alumni Association in 2008 and one of their activities is a highly successful voluntary medical service called the Ismaili Doctors Initiative (IDI) which benefits the Tajik immigrant community.

Gulmurod making a pointGulmurod making a pointThe IDI consists of a hotline which is managed by a paid AKF staff person to which migrants can call for medical assistance and advice. The responsible person puts them in touch with the relevant doctors on the IDI list who then provide the necessary advice or treatment. The Moscow Alumni Association is chaired by an elected official who organises periodic meetings at which alumni report on their voluntary activities and decide on future projects. The group was enthusiastic about becoming part of a global Association and contributing to the work of the Aga Khan Development Network in Tajikistan, in Central Asia and  globally.

Borkhotun adding to the discussionBorkhotun adding to the discussionThey are determined to continue working on existing projects, such as the creation of a database of Tajik professionals in Russia, the Ismaili Doctors Initiative and support for newly arrived students, and proposed ideas for some new activities, such as:

They felt that they could contribute as volunteers or professionals to regional AKDN programmes through their knowledge and skills. For instance:

This was the third focus group held by the Aga Khan scholarship team, after London and Geneva (see below), with a few more being planned. The scholarship team would also welcome any comments or further ideas from alumni and students about the proposed global Alumni Association.

One of the famous Saint Petersburg canalsOne of the famous Saint Petersburg canalsList of participants in Saint Petersburg


Dr. Surayo Amidkhonova (ISP 10-13) is currently pursuing a Candidate of Medical Science degree in Paediatric Surgery from Saint Petersburg Postgraduate Medical Academy.

Dr. Azizmo Niyozmamadova (ISP 10-13) is studying for a Candidate of Medical Science degree in Family Medicine at the Sechenov Medical Academy in Moscow.

Dr. Qodirsho Rahmatshoev (ISP 11-13) is completing his Speciality Training from Russian People’s Friendship University Moscow.

Dr. Sarboz Sechoiev (ISP 10-12) is pursuing his Speciality Training in Cardiology from the Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex in Moscow.

Dr. Farangis Alibakhshova (ISP 05-08) is a practicing Gynaecologist in Moscow. She obtained her Medical Diploma as well as her Candidate of Medical Science degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the Sechenov Medical Academy in Moscow. She is the current Chair of the Alumni Association in Moscow and is an active member of the Ismaili Doctors Initiative (IDI).

Dr. Saida Mamadnazarova (ISP 08-10) is a Cardiologist with Clinic "Citymed" in Moscow. She completed her medical degree from the Tajik Medical University, Dushanbe, in 2003 and worked at the Regional Cardiological Centre in Khorog before pursuing her Medical Speciality Training in Cardiology from Bakulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Moscow. Saida is an active member of the IDI.

Dr. Afifa Olamova (ISP 08-11) is a Gynaecologist in Moscow. She completed her medical studies and Speciality Training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Tajik Medical University in Dushanbe. Afifa worked as an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in Dushanbe before moving to Russia in 2005. She has recently finished her Candidate of Medical Science in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from the Sechenov Medical Academy in Moscow and is an active member of the IDI.

Olim in discussion with Shenila Momin on the way to the museumOlim in discussion with Shenila Momin on the way to the museumDr. Olimi Shirinbek (ISP 01-05) is a surgeon with the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He previously worked as a staff surgeon with the Russian Ministry of Justice Penitentiary Hospital in Moscow and as a Medical consultant with Medecins du Monde (France) on the "Migrants' Health in Moscow" Project. He obtained his Candidate of Medical Science degree in General Surgery from Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy in 2005 and a Doctor of Science degree in Vascular Surgery from Bakulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Moscow  in 2009. He currently volunteers with IDI, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, Moscow, and Migration and Law, an NGO.

Dr. Himat Sulaimonov (ISP 03-06) is a Cardiovascular Surgeon with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. He obtained his medical degree from the Tajik State Medical University in 2001 , after which he did his clinical internship at the National Clinical Center of Cardiovascular Surgery in Dushanbe. Himat received an ISP scholarship in 2003 to pursue his Candidate of Medical Science in Cardiovascular Surgery from the Moscow Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery. He is an active IDI volunteer, both in the medical and health promotion areas.

Dr. Zainura Vafobekova (ISP 07-10) is a Cardiologist with Citymed and an active member of IDI. She completed her Diploma in Medicine and two speciality certificates from Tajik State Medical University in Dushanbe in 2006 and worked as a Clinical Coordinator in the Department of Cardiology, Municipal Medical Centre in Dushanbe. In 2007, she moved to Moscow to study for her Candidate of Medical Science degree in Cardiology at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Yasser Virani (ISP 05-08) is a Traumatologist Orthopedist with CM Clinic, Hospital of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow and participates in the IDI. Originally from Kenya, Yasser completed his Doctor of Medicine degree, his clinical specialisation in Traumtology and Orthopaedics and Candidate of Medical Science in Traumatology and Orthopaedics from the Russian People's Friendship University in Moscow.

One of the magnificent churches in Saint PetersburgOne of the magnificent churches in Saint PetersburgEDUCATION

Ms. Khaqiqa Surieva (ISP 10-12) is a current student at Moscow State Pedagogical University, studying for an MA degree in Early Years Education.

Ms. Shahlo Elnazarova (AKU/IED 03-05) is an Education Projects Officer at the Representative Office of Aga Khan Foundation (Switzerland) in Russia. Shahlo obtained a Diploma of Specialist in Science from Khorog State University in Tajikistan and taught at the Aga Khan Lycee in Khorog. She completed an MEd degree from the Aga Khan University-Institute for Education Development in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2005, and worked as a Professional Development Trainer at the Aga Khan Education Service office in Khorog before moving to Russia.

Mr. Asad Asadbekov is a linguist and currently pursuing his Candidate of Science degree from the Institutute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Asad has been actively working with the Regional Public Oragnization “Nour” (ITREC) since 2000 as a volunteer and from 2005 was employed by Nour as a teachers’ educator. He has a scholarship from the Aga Khan University-Institute of Educational Development, Karachi, Pakistan, and the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, for a one-year non-residentional Professional Teacher’s Educator Program in Dubai.


Mr. Anis Shonasimov (TSP/ISP 93-00) obtained his BS and MS in Mining Engineering from Russian People's Friendship University in Moscow. He is currently a Senior Specialist in Economics with the Pension Fund of Russia.

Mr. Manuchehr Mirzoshoev (TSP 96-02) completed his BS in Computer Science from Moscow State University in 2002. He is currently a Programmer with Yomputerra Publishing House in Moscow.

Gulmurod clowning in front of the Hermitage MuseumGulmurod clowning in front of the Hermitage MuseumMr. Gulmurod Shoziyoev (TSP/ISP 97-06) is a Researcher in the OPERA Experiment at the Moscow State University. He has a BS in Physics (Astrophysics) and a Candidate of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics from Moscow State University. He has worked as an IT Trainer in various places including University of Central Asia. His hobbies include photography and he took a series of excellent photos during the Saint Petersburg trip.

Manucher, Jamshed and Yusuf  smile for the cameraManucher, Jamshed and Yusuf smile for the cameraMr. Jamshed Muborakshoev (ISP 05-09) is an Engineer Entrepreneur with the Construction Department of "Monolitstroy" in Moscow. Jamshed graduated in 1999 from Khorog State University with a degree in Physics and Math. He then joined the Government of GBAO as Chief Specialist of Hydro-Electrical Stations and Connections. He worked for Pamir Energy as an Engineer and Manager before pursuing his MS in Power Engineering from Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 2005.

Mr. Khushnud Nazrishoev (ISP 08-11) is an Engineer/Geologist working in Moscow. He completed his undergraduate degree in Geology from Khorog State University in 2000 and worked as a Senior Geologist with FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, Tajikistan, prior to pursuing his Candidate of Science in Geology from Russian State Geological University in 2008.

The Alumni groupThe Alumni groupMr. Orzu Mavlonazarov (ISP 09-12) is attending Russian State Geological University, Moscow for a Candidate of Science course in Geographic Information Systems.

Mr. Yusuf Raimbekov (TSP/ISP 93-99, ISP 11-13) is pursuing his PhD in Geology from People's Friendship University. He had earlier received support through a Tajik Scholarship Programme/ISP from for his BS/MS in Mining Engineering from the Russian People's Friendship University in Moscow. After completing his degree, he worked as a Geologist with FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance in Tajikistan. He also has six year of experience, from 2005 to 2011, as an Engineer/Geologist in the Planning and Construction Management Division of the University of Central Asia.

Mr. Shodmon Shakarbekov (TSP 93-97) is a Construction Engineer with Delta-tek, Ltd. In Moscow.  He has a BS in Road Construction Economics from Moscow State Industrial University.


Mr. Rustam Bayozov (ISP 98-04) is a Program Officer with the Representative office of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance Europe Foundation in Russia. He has a BS/MS degree in Business & Finance from the International University of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek.

Ready for the trip homeReady for the trip homeSOCIAL SCIENCE / LAW

Ms. Borkhotun Iskandarkhanova (TSP/ISP 98-04, ISP 04-07) is currently a Program Officer with the Representative office of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance Europe Foundation in Russia. She was awarded the Tajik Scholarship Programme/ISP from 1998 to 2004 to pursue a BS/MS degree in Law from International University of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek and has a Candidate of Science degree in International Law from the Institute of International Relations in Moscow.

Mr. Sulaimoni Shohzoda (TSP/ISP 98-06) is a Human Rights Defender with NGO Tajikistan Foundation in Moscow. He obtained a BA in International Relations from International University of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek and completed a Candidate of Science degree in Political Science & Philosophy from the Institute of International Relations in Moscow in 2006. He provides consultancy and legal assistance to Tajik migrants in Moscow.

Mr. Palla Pallaev is currently working as a Civil Society Project Officer at the Representative Office of Aga Khan Foundation (Switzerland) in Russia. Palla received a scholarship from the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, in 2005, for the two-year Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities, after which he completed an MSc degree from the London School of Economics in Non-Governmental Organizations and Development.


ISP alumni meeting in London

ISP alumni meeting in LondonISP alumni meeting in LondonA second brainstorming session to discuss what alumni think about the plan to renew the ISP Alumni Association was held in London in late November. The following eight alumni attended: Shodigul Alimshoeva from Tajikistan (ISP 07-08), Hamid Merchant from Pakistan (ISP 07-10), Ayesha Nathoo, British, (ISP 02-05), Alidod Shirinbekov from Tajikistan (TSP 95-99/ISP 00-02), Suchismita Roy from Bangladesh (ISP 09-12), Sodatsho Sodatsairov from Tajikistan (ISP 08-09), Jayaraj Sundaresan from India (ISP 04-05), Aly-Khan Visram from Canada (ISP 07-08). Razia Raghavji from Canada (ISP 00-01) and Gurdofarid Miskinzoda from Tajikistan (TSP/ISP 95-00) added their views in separate discussions.

The London alumni were interested and enthusiastic about information sharing, especially on sectoral issues, and getting together at least once a year in a larger meeting and more often for smaller reunions to share professional and academic experiences. Razia suggested that quarterly regional news bulletins linked to the scholarship website would be valued by alumni.  They could include:

All thought that mentoring or advising by experienced alumni and internship placement would appeal to students and new graduates starting out in their careers.

The group learned that Ayesha, who has a doctorate in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine from the University of Cambridge and is a Lecturer at Cambridge, has published a book entitled Hearts Exposed and was coping with 15-month old twins at home; that Aly-Khan, who has an MSc in Public Health in Development Countries from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and is a Consultant with Oxford Policy Management, has just returned from a month working in Mongolia and was packing to go to Kazakhstan in the next few days; that Alidod, who had an MSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Warwick, is a financial wizard at SAC Global Investors; that Jayaraj, who is working on a PhD in City Design and Social Science at the London School of Economics, and Hamid, a PhD student in Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy, London, were on the verge of finishing their doctorates; and Sushismita, a PhD student in Epidemiology and Population Health, at the LSHTM has just finished her field research in Bangladesh. Lastly Sodatsho was looking for a job in the development field. The group seemed to click and Aly-Khan and Shodigul are planning to organise another get together after the holidays in January.  They are planning to keep in touch with the Scholarship Office about these meetings and any activities that come out of them.

ISP alumni meeting in LondonRazia and Gurdofarid work on different floors at the AKDN office in London. Razia, who has an EdM in International Education Policy from Harvard, is the Coordinator for Planning and Academic Development at the Institute for the Studies of Muslim Civilizations in London, and Gurdofarid, who has a PhD in History of the Near and Middle East from the School of Oriental and African Studies, is a Research Associate at the Institute of Ismaili Studies.


2011-12 Scholars of the International Scholarship Programme

Malik Ajani
MBA, Business Administration
University of Manchester, UK
Hometown: Euless TX, USA

Ziad Ajweh
MSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Alberta, Canada
Hometown: Tartus, Syria

Zanoubia Alamir Salim
MA, Educational Studies
University of Warwick, UK
Hometown: Hama, Syria

Naeem Ali
DDM, Dental Medicine
Harvard University, USA
Hometown: Sugar Land TX, USA

Shahid Ali
MPH, Global Health
Harvard University, USA
Hometown: San Antonio TX, USA

Suhad Aljundi
MA, Digital Technologies, Communication & Education
University of Manchester, UK
Hometown: Salamieh, Syria

Adham Beykikhoshk
MSc, Artificial Intelligence
University of Southampton, UK
Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Urooj Mukhtar Chandani
MSc, Development Studies
SOAS, University of London, UK
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Nafeesa Dhalwani
PhD, Epidemiology and Public Health
University of Nottingham, UK
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Soraia Ibrahim
MSc, Voice Pathology
University College London, UK
Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal

Mehjabeen Imtiaz Feroz Ali
MSc, Oral Biology
Mary Queen, University of London, UK
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Aneeqa Ishaq
MA, Learning, Design and Technology
Stanford University, USA
Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan

Amal Jina
MEng, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto, Canada
Hometown: Mississauga, Canada

Sana Khimani
DDS, Dental Surgery
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, USA
Hometown: San Antonio TX, USA

Zulfiqar Khimani
PhD, Sociology (Media Studies)
University of Cambridge, UK
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Irfan Khorasi
MSc, Molecular Pathology and Toxicology
University of Leicester, UK
Hometown: Mumbai, India

Sumaira Khowaja
MSc, Electrical Engineering
University of Texas, San Antonio, USA
Hometown: Hyderabad, Pakistan

Emmerentian Mbabazi
MSc, Urban and Regional Planning
Heriot Watt University, UK
Hometown: Kampala, Uganda

Aquil Merchant
MS, Biotechnology (Biodefense)
John Hopkins University, USA
Hometown: Mumbai, India

Dr. Sulkhiya Milikbekova
Speciality Training, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Sechenov Medical Academy Moscow, Russia
Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Ambreen Minhas
MA, Elementary Education (ECD)
University of Alberta, Canada
Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Kadamsho Mirshakarov
MBA, Aviation Management
Dowling College, New York, USA
Hometown: Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Shashwat Mody
MBA, Social Impact & Responsibility
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Hometown: Dehradun, India

Firuz Munosibshoev
MPA, Emergency and Disaster Management
Metropolitan College of New York, USA
Hometown: Brooklyn NY, USA

Samah Othman
MSc, Programme and Project Management
University of Warwick, UK
Hometown: Tartus, Syria

Sahil Pujani
MS, Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Programme
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Hometown: Pen, India

Ali Qassem
MSc, Civil Engineering:Management
University of Nottingham, UK
Hometown: Tartus, Syria

Daler Qubodbekov
MBA, Business Administration
American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyz Republic
Hometown: Khorog, Tajikistan

Dr. Qodirsho Rahmatshoev
Speciality Training, Cardiology
People's Friendship University of Russia
Hometown: Langar, Tajikistan

Yusuf Raimbekov
PhD, Geology
People's Friendship University of Russia
Hometown: Khorog, Tajikistan

Preety Rajbangshi
MPH, Public Health
Johns Hopkins University, USA
Hometown: Dimapur, India

Ashik Ratnani
MEng, Computer Science
Cornell University, USA
Hometown: Bharuch, India

Mujaheed Shaikh
MSc, International Health Management
Imperial College London, UK
Hometown: Pune, India

Sofiya Shamirova
MSc, Development Studies
SOAS, University of London, UK
Hometown: Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Ganga Shreedhar
MPA, Public and Economic Policy
London School of Economics, UK
Hometown: Chennai, India

Nurali Virani
MS, Mechanical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Hometown: Thane, India

Fatima Zahra
M.S.Ed in International Educational Development
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Hometown: Chittagong, Bangladesh

Fauzaia Zamir
MSc, Dental Public Health
King's College London, UK
Hometown: Gilgit, Pakistan


Brain-storming lunch with ISP alumni in Geneva

Brain-storming lunch with ISP alumni in GenevaShiraz Allibhai, Al-Nasir Hamir and Zevar SabzalievaShiraz Allibhai (ISP 93-96, Harvard), Al-Nasir Hamir (ISP 00-02, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins, Washington, DC) and Zevar Sabzalieva (ISP 04-05, University of Sussex) met with Catherine Hieronymi, Scholarship Consultant at the Aga Khan Foundation, to discuss the evolution of the ISP alumni network. These three are among the rare alumni who live in Geneva. Shiraz is an architect by formation and is Assistant to the General Manager of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture; Al-Nasir studied International Affairs at SAIS and is Assistant Manager at the Aga Khan Foundation, and Zevar, an educationalist, is newly arrived in Geneva and the spouse of a Programme Associate working for the Foundation. The three agreed that information sharing, professional development and mentoring were areas they would be interested to see developed within the network. Alumni could be organised in national chapters with a central global coordinator. The possibility of alumni personally updating their professional and personal information on the database, an alumni news section on the AKDN website, and periodic mailings by the coordinator to remind alumni and AKDN institutions about student and alumni activities were considered to be useful. Their insights are very helpful as AKF reviews its thinking about how to improve the alumni association and engage alumni in AKDN.

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