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Spotlight: Husnoro Dodikhudoeva

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Husnoro DodikhudoevaHusnoro Dodikhudoeva on the phone in her office at AKF Tajikistan
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Husnoro Dodikhudoeva (TSP 97-01) is a Senior Programme Manager of Communication with the Aga Khan Foundation Tajikistan in Dushanbe. Prior to her current job she worked as Content Editing Assistant for the website of the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London. Husnoro recently obtained her LLM (Masters in Law) from the London School of Economics  and Political Sciences, UK. Her focus of study was on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Human Rights. Husnoro also has a postgraduate degree in Islamic Studies and Humanities from the Institute of Ismaili Studies.

I grew up in Khorog in Tajikistan.  I have a huge family of five brothers and four sisters and we lived with our parents and grandfather.

My parents wanted me to become doctor, as did my teachers, especially my chemistry teacher, as I was good in chemistry.  However when I chose my profession it was in the period after the civil war in Tajikistan (1994-96) and many things that happened around me that were cruel, unethical and unjust, and I though I should become somebody who could fight for justice, and my parents supported me.

At the time I had no one to advise me about what courses I should take.  I wanted to study Administration and Management, but the closest course that was available at the university to what I wanted to study was Law.  I enjoyed my studies and my internships in a law firm and do not regret my choice, even though I am not working in that field now.

I worked in a commercial organization in London, with Amnesty International and the Institute of Ismaili Studies, but none of these jobs was as a lawyer.  Now I am back in Dushanbe working for the Aga Khan Foundation because I want to take part in my country’s development, especially in the areas of civil society, governance, education and gender studies, in which AKF is involved.  Also I believe with being an alumna of the AKF scholarship programme, it is time for me to give back and not only be a receiver.

Currently I am working with AKF Tajikistan as Communication Officer, I am learning about AKF’s work in Tajikistan and other Aga Khan agencies here, but I believe sooner or later I have to make a shift from Communication.  I enjoy working in the field of development.  I guess I have found my passion at last, and I aspire to advance in my career here at AKF if it is possible.

I think for any young person within this profession, my advice would be that they not go straight from an undergraduate degree to postgraduate.  It is very important to at least do an internship, get the feeling of field work and then a postgraduate degree will be more beneficial.

Voluntarism is becoming a big part of my life. I was very heavily involved in UK (became UK Tariqah Board Member), and I am starting to be involved in many projects here in Tajikistan on voluntary basis (UNHCR). The reason is because of somebody else’s voluntary work I had the chance to be an exchange student in the United States (Freedom Support Act) and then received scholarships from AKF and the Institute of Ismaili Studies. Since these awards brought such important changes to my life, I wish to make a small contribution like that to somebody else’s life.

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