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The Aga Khan Foundation's NGO Enhancement Programmes are creating a comprehensive toolkit in the support of the resource mobilization efforts of civil society organizations in the South. The first elements of the toolkit that we are making available through the site, referred to as the "Resource Mobilization Toolkit" includes a handbook (Earthscan, 2001) and a trainer manual (downloadable from this website) written by Richard Holloway, and a web-based interactive course (delivered through locally customised CD-ROMs).

The handbook entitled Towards Financial Self-Reliance: A handbook on Resource Mobilization for Civil Society Organizations in the South (Earthscan, February 2001) is a clear and practical guide aimed at the managers of civil society organizations, including non-governmental organizations, citizens' movements, cooperatives, trade unions and other grass-roots organizations primarily in developing countries, on how to mobilize funds and other resources and in doing so become financially self-reliant.

The author examines a numerous and varied options, covering earned income, local foundations, governmental sources, foreign agencies, the corporate sector, microcredit, the internet and social investments, setting these within a strategic overview of planning and management effectiveness. Included as an appendix to the handbook are 20 commentaries from leading practitioners in resource mobilization. These commentaries help to situate the handbook within particularities of place and demonstrate that the handbook is relevant in settings as diverse as India, Thailand, Kenya and Argentina.

The trainer manual is available for free downloading on this website and provides a trainer with everything she needs to teach the material in the handbook, including overheads, training tips, and lesson plans.

This manual is available in PDF format in several parts or as a whole document. To read PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader; if you do not have Acrobat, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

Towards Financial Self-Reliance: A Handbook on Research Mobilization for Civil Society Organizations in the South
By Richard Holloway

Complete Trainer Manual (1.1MB - PDF - 289 pages)
Table of Contents, Introduction (143KB - PDF - 15 pages)

Day One: Setting the Scene (325KB - PDF - 47 pages)

Day Two: Ways of Mobilizing Resources (338KB - PDF - 86 pages)

Day Three (340KB - PDF - 68 pages)

Day Four (331KB - PDF - 73 pages)

Overhead Transparencies Only (382KB - PDF - 96 pages)

Handouts/Case Studies Only (261KB - PDF - 40 pages)

Structure of the Courses
The course lasts over four days and should be structured like this:

Day 1
Session One: The Larger Picture
Session Two: Overview of Possibilities
Session Three: Why Should Anyone Help a Southern CSO?
Session Three: (continued)

Day 2
Session Four: Revenue from Earned Income
Session Five: Indigenous Foundations
Session Six: Individual Philanthropy
Session Seven: Building Grass-roots Organizations

Day 3
Session Eight: Resources from Government
Session Nine: Resources for Sustainability from Foreign Development Agencies
Session Ten: Resources of the Corporate Sector
Session Eleven: Building Reserve Funds and Endowments

Day 4
Session Twelve: Conversion of Debt
Session Thirteen: Microcredit Programmes
Session Fourteen: Social Investment
Session Fifteen: Use of the Internet
Session Sixteen: Deciding Which Way to Go
Session Sixteen: (continued)

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