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Strategies for Development and Food Security in Mountainous Areas of Central Asia:
Workshop Papers

Strategies for Development and Food Security in Mountainous Areas of Central AsiaTo guide the discussion at the workshop, participants considered the ideas presented in 14 commissioned papers, submitted in advance by those familiar with the region. The papers addressed a number of important subjects pertaining to the mountainous communities in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan such as community organization, agriculture, the environment, social trends, economic possibilities, infrastructure, geopolitics, and infrastructure. Please find below the papers, as well as a brief description of the authors.

Seizing Opportunities to Promote Development and Improve Food Security in the Mountainous Regions of Central Asia
David Nygaard, Director of Rural Development, Aga Khan Foundation, Geneva; Davlatyor Jumakhonov, General Manager, Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (Tajikistan); and Kris Hendrickx, Rural Development Programme Officer, Aga Khan Foundation (Tajikistan). English version  |  Russian version


The Significance Of Geopolitical Issues For Development Of Mountainous Areas Of Central Asia
Prof., Dr. Hermann Kreutzmann, Centre for Development Studies, Free University of Berlin.
English version  |  Russian version


Impact of External Migration on Development of Mountainous Regions
Dr. Saodat Olimova, Consultant, Scientific and Research Centre “SHARQ," Dushanbe, Tajikistan
English version  |  Russian version

Development Initiatives Versus Environmental Protection

Eva Kleinn, fmr. Regional Coordinator for Central Asia, DED and GTZ, (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
English version  |   Russian version


Animal Husbandry in Kyrgyzstan
Asanbek Ajibekov, Professor and General Director of the Agrarian Science and Consulting Services Center under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Processing Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic
English version   |   Russian version


Food Security in Tajikistan: German Agro Action Strategy
Adam Vinaman Yao, Programme Manager, German Agro Action (Tajikistan); and Hubertus Rüffer, Regional Director for Central Asia, German Agro Action.
English version  |  Russian version


Perspectives, Constraints And Future Approaches To Wheat Production And Food Security In Afghanistan
Mahmood Osmanzai, Country Coordinator, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Afghanistan. (This paper is only an abstract – please refer to the Presentation for full content)
English version  |  Russian version


Interregional Villages alliance: Bottom Up Approach For Mountain DevelopmentJamila
Jeenbaeva, Central Asian Mountain Partnership (CAMP) Communication Coordinator; Ulan Kasymov, CAMP Team Leader in Tajikistan; and Regular Imhof, CAMP Regional Director.
English version  |  Russian version


Prioritizing Investments for Initiating Rural Development: the Case of Rebuilding Afghanistan
Eberhard Halbach, GTZ Coordinator for Food Security & Regional Cooperation North Eastern Afghanistan & Tajikistan; and Wais Ahmad, Chief Coordinator for NRAP- Ministry for Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Afghanistan.
English version  |  Russian version


Development of Social Organization in Tajikistan: MSDSP’s Approach in Mountainous Areas
Khaleel Tetlay, fmr. Social Development Advisor, MSDSP; and Marhabo Jonbekova, Programme Officer, MSDSP.
English version  |  Russian version


The Promise and Challenge of Pluralism for Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas
Abdul Malik, Program Manager, Rural Development - AKRSP; and Izhar Hunzai, General Manager, AKRSP
English version  |  Russian version


Development Of Rural Regions Of Kyrgyzstan Through Investments Into Community Based Tourism
Damira Raeva, Project Manager of Community Based Tourism Support Project, Helvetas (Kyrgyzstan).
English version  |  Russian version


Eco-tourism in Kyrgyzstan
Daniyar Kazakov, President of Central Asia Tourism Corporation (C.A.T.)
English version  |  Russian version


Central Asia’s Reemerging Transport Network: Promise And Perils For Mountain Regions
Frederick Starr, Professor at Johns Hopkins University, and the Chairman of the Cental Asia-Caucusus Institute.
English version  |  Russian version

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