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Architecture in Continuity - Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Page    Title
10.    Continuity and Change: Architecture and Development in the Islamic World
30.    The Mosque in the Medieval Islamic World by Robert Hillenbrand
52.    The Mosque Today by Ihsan Fethi
64.    A Survey of Modern Turkish Architecture by DoÈan Kuban
76.    Recipients of the Second Aga Khan Award for Architecture 1983
78.    Statement of the Master Jury
82.    Hafsia Quarter, Tunis
92.    Darb Qirmiz Quarter, Cairo
102.    Sherefudin’s White Mosque, Visoko
110.    Andalous Residence, Sousse
118.    Hajj Terminal, Jeddah
128.    Ramses Wissa Wassef Arts Center, Giza
138.    Tanjong Jara Beach Hotel and Rantau Abang Visitors’ Center, Kuala Trengganu
146.    Great Mosque of Niono, Niono
154.    Nail ÇakÏrhan House, Akyaka Village
162.    Azem Palace, Damascus
170.    Tomb of Shah Rukn-i-’Alam, Multan

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