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Architecture beyond Architecture: Creativity and Social Transformation in Islamic Cultures - Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Page    Title
6.    Preface
7.    Introduction: Architecture Beyond Region
10.    Watering the Garden
16.    Spirituality and Architecture
20.    Critical Discourse for Creative Transformations
21.    Recipients of the 1995 Aga Khan Award for Architecture
22.    A Critical Social Discourse
24.    Shelter and Conservation in an Urbanising Islamic World
28.    Restoration of Bukhara Old City, Bukhara
40.    Conservation of Old Sana’a
48.    Reconstruction of Hafsia Quarter II, Tunis
56.    Khuda-ki-Basti Incremental Development Scheme, Hyderabad
64.    Aranya Community Housing, Indore
72.    Architecture Beyond Architects
76.    A Critical Architectural and Urbanistic Discourse
78.    Critical Architecture in a Geopolitical World
82.    Unkept Promises: Why isn’t Good Architecture Being Built ?
84.    Great Mosque of Riyadh and Old City Centre Redevelopment, Riyadh
94.    Menara Mesiniaga, Kuala Lumpur
102.    Kaedi Regional Hospital, Kaedi
112.    The Question of Symbolism
116.    Innovative Concepts
118.    The Third Way: Between Fundamentalism and Westernisation
124.    Mosque of the Grand National Assembly, Ankara
132.    Alliance Franco-Sénégalaise, Kaolack
140.    Re-Forestation Programme of the Middle East Technical University, Ankara
148.    Landscaping Integration of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng
154.    New Ways of Thinking
160.    Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Award in Perspective
164.    The Architecture of Architecture
170.    Relevance, Excellence and Other Criteria
174.    Members of the 1995 Award Steering Committee, Master Jury and Technical Review Members
176.    Technical Data

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