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Legacies for the Future: Contemporary Architecture in Islamic Societies - Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Page    Title
6.    The Aga Khan Award for Architecture
7.    Introduction: The Pragmatics of Resistance
12.    The Conscience of Architecture
18.    Continuity in a Changing Tradition
32.    Pragmatism and the Built Environment
36.    The Recipients of the 1998 Award
38.    Rehabilitation of Hebron Old Town
54.    Slum Networking of Indore City, Indore
66.    Lepers Hospital, Chopda Taluka
82.    Salinger Residence, Selangor
96.    Tuwaiq Palace, Riyadh
114.    Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore
128.    Vidhan Bhavan, Bhopal
144.    Master Jury Discussion
152.    The Aga Khan Award as a Process of Thinking
158.    Legacies of the Future
168.    Project Data and Personnel
171.    The 1998 Steering Committee, Master Jury and Technical Review

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