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Modernity and Continuity: Architecture in the Islamic World - Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Page    Title
6.    The Aga Khan Award for Architecture
7.    Foreword
9.    Introduction
17.    Chairman’s Award
49.    Recipients of the 2001 Award
53.    New Life for Old Structures
65.    Aït Iktel, Abadou
89.    Kahere Eila Poultry Farming School, Koliagbe
101.    Nubian Museum, Aswan
113.    SOS Children’s Village, Aqaba
125.    Olbia Social Centre, Antalya
137.    Bagh-e-Ferdowsi, Tehran
149.    Datai Hotel, Pulau Langkawi
161.    Cultivating Architecture
172.    The 2001 Award Steering Committee, Master Jury and Technical Review

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