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Awards 1999-2001

New Life for Old Structures, Various Locations, IranNew Life for Old Structures, Various Locations, Iran

Urban Development and Revitalization Corporation; Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization

Completed in 1992 and ongoing


An ongoing project comprising more than 30 urban revitalisation and development initiatives in 21 cities throughout Iran. Historical buildings are acquired, restored and rehabilitated as public facilities for the benefit of local communities.
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Aït Iktel, Abadou, MoroccoAït Iktel, Abadou, Morocco

Project Conception
Ali Amahan

Association Aït Iktel de Développement

Completed in 1995 and ongoing


This project exemplifies a new approach to development, environmental conservation and the improvement of living conditions for a rural community. It includes the provision of social services, infrastructure development and the encouragement of economic activity and education.
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Kahere Eila Poultry Farming School, Koliagbe, GuineaKahere Eila Poultry Farming School, Koliagbe, Guinea

Heikkinen-Komonen Architects

Eila Kivekäs

Centre Avicole Kahere

Completed in 2000


The teaching complex comprises classrooms, student dormitories, and teachers’ residences, all grouped around a courtyard and set within the natural rural environment.
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Nubian Museum, Aswan, EgyptNubian Museum, Aswan, Egypt

Mahmoud El-Hakim

Arab Bureau for Design and Technical Consultation

Landscape Architects
Dr Werkmeister & M Heimer Landscape Architects; Sites International Landscape Architects

Nubian Antiquities Salvage Fund; Supreme Council of Antiquities


UNESCO; ICOM (International Council of Museums)

Completed in 1997


Intended to preserve and celebrate Nubian culture, the museum includes display areas, educational and training facilities, and extensive outdoor spaces for community use, all set within city of Aswan along the River Nile.
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SOS Children's Village Aqaba, JordanSOS Children's Village Aqaba, Jordan

Jafar Tukan & Partners

SOS Children's Village Association of Jordan

Completed in 1991


Conceived as a village, the complex features modestly scaled clusters of individual houses built with traditional materials and set within a landscaped compound with walkways, play areas and other communal facilities.
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Olbia Social Centre, Antalya, TurkeyOlbia Social Centre, Antalya, Turkey

Cengiz Bektas

Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Completed in 1999


The new social centre is a series of buildings for students and teachers, and spaces open to the public, which are organised along a pathway forming an axis that binds together the disparate elements of the Akdeniz Üniversitesi campus.
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Bagh-e-Ferdowsi, Tehran, IranBagh-e-Ferdowsi, Tehran, Iran

Baft-e-Shahr Consulting Architects and Urban Planners

Tehran Municipality

Completed in 1997


The 30-hectare park is set in a series of steep, south-facing natural gullies leading to the higher slopes of the Alborz Mountains outside Tehran. It features stone-paved paths and steps that rise up the hill, with areas for sitting, refreshment and entertainment.
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Datai Hotel, Pulau Langkawi, MalaysiaDatai Hotel, Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

Kerry Hill Architects

Teluk Datai Resorts Sdn Bhd

Completed in 1993


The hotel is set in a 750-hectare site, which includes a beach, untouched rainforest and a sensitive ecosystem of swamps, streams and wildlife. It is comprised of free-standing buildings, pavilions and isolated villas located on a ridge away from the beachfront.
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