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Report of the 1992 Master Jury

In this, the fifth cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, nine projects have been premiated. They were selected from an initial group of two hundred and fifty-nine nominations and a list of twenty-seven finalists that were visited on-site by a team of eleven technical reviewers. The Jury feels that they have discovered exemplary projects whose essence, directness and modesty have lessons for the world at large. The Jury notes the growth and maturing of cultural and architectural awareness in what hitherto have been regarded as marginal areas. It applauds the successful and imaginative solutions which enhance urban environments. It rejoices in the competence of local professional cadres who have used their architectural and planning skills to create places of dignity and to generate new architectural languages. The awarded projects are viable solutions which address issues of limited and diminishing resources and problems of the underprivileged in decaying neighbourhoods. The Jury believes that these economically sustainable, humanistic solutions are relevant for the developed countries as well as the developing world.

Awards 1992

Enhancing Urban Environments
Kairouan Conservation Programme, Kairouan, Tunisia
Palace Parks Programme, Istanbul, Turkey
Cultural Park for Children, Cairo, Egypt
East Wahdat Upgrading Programme, Amman, Jordan
Kampong Kali Cho-de, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Generating New Architectural Languages
Stone Building System, Dar'a Province, Syria
Demir Holiday Village, Bodrum, Turkey
Panafrican Institute for Development, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Ahmedabad, India

1983 Master Jury

Balkrishna V. Doshi
Frank O. Gehry
Renata Holod
Fumihiko Maki
Adhi Moersid
Azim Nanji
Ali Shuaibi
Dogan Tekeli
Saïd Zulficar

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