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Other Countries


International Development Partners

American Red Cross
Asian Development Bank
Barclays Capital
Chaine de l’Espoir
Czech TV Foundation
Enfants Afghans
European Commission
Food and Agriculture Organisation
Government of Afghanistan
Government of Canada
Government of Germany
Government of France
Government of India
Government of Italy
Government of Japan
Government of Denmark
International Development Partners
Government of the Netherlands
Government of New Zealand
Government of the Kingdom of Norway
Government of Portugal
Government of Switzerland
Government of the United Kingdom
Government of the United States of America
Int. Centre of Agri. Research in Dry Areas
International Finance Corporation
Int. Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre
International Organisation for Migration
Johnson & Johnson
Monaco Telecom International
MCT Corp
NetAid Foundation
UN Children’s Fund
UN Development Programme
UN High Commission for Refugees
UN Officer for Drugs and Crime
World Bank
World Food Programme
World Health Organisation

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