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Humanitarian Assistance in AfghanistanAfghanistan - Collaborating with UN-WFP As autumn began, FOCUS and the UN World Food Programme partnered to ensure close to 1,000 MT of food was able to reach isolated communities living in districts of north-eastern Afghanistan.In 1995, Focus Humanitarian Assistance, an AKDN affiliate, began emergency and relief activities in northeast Afghanistan. Rugged terrain and the absence of roads meant that humanitarian aid was often transported on small inflatable boats across the Pyanj River from Tajikistan. At its peak in 2001, Focus delivered over 20,000 metric tonnes of emergency food and non-food aid to 500,000 beneficiaries in the country. Food aid was later complemented by agricultural support to farmers, and grants, transport, reception services, vocational training and shelter provision to returnees. High-energy rations and milk were also distributed to schoolchildren, and tens of thousands of children were immunised.

Through food-for-work initiatives, communities were involved in the construction of more than 1,600 km of irrigation channels and 700 km of roads, as well as the rehabilitation of schools, health clinics, and other community-level infrastructure. This humanitarian assistance paved the way for AKDN’s long-term development programmes in Afghanistan. Today, Focus continues to be involved in emergency response, disaster mitigation and shelter provision in the country.