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The Curriculum: Rigorous Academics and Leadership Development

Schools will stimulate creativity and intellectual curiosity so that students can adapt and thrive in a world of rapid change.Schools will stimulate creativity and intellectual curiosity so that students can adapt and thrive in a world of rapid change.The Aga Khan Academies’ education is built on the framework of the internationally recognised International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) programmes. The IB is highly respected for the emphasis it places on critical thinking, active learning, and creative problem solving. It is also renowned for preparing students for admission to the best universities in their own countries and abroad.

Enhanced by academic, co-curricular, and international travel and study experiences unique to the network of Aga Khan Academies, this educational programme will play an important part in fulfilling His Highness the Aga Khan’s vision that these schools will stimulate creativity and intellectual curiosity so that students can adapt and thrive in a world of rapid change, make informed judgements on life’s daily challenges, and place those judgements in an ethical framework.

The academic and extracurricular programme is intended to foster that ethical and public-minded approach. It is designed to enhance the students’ academic excellence, their sense of civic responsibility, their understanding of global issues, and their analytical and study skills. The programme reflects an understanding of, and great sensitivity to, local languages, history, cultures, and environment.

Aga Khan Academy students will be expected to master at least two languages, including English, to enable them to pursue opportunities in an increasingly interdependent world. Likewise, a programme of computer literacy provides students at all levels with a solid foundation to enable them to take full advantage of information technology.

All Aga Khan Academy students and faculty are members of a far-reaching global network and will travel internationally to spend time at one of the other Aga Khan Academies in order to broaden their outlook and experience. In addition to student and faculty travel, the network enables the free and open sharing of best practices and of each institution’s comparative strengths and expertise, be they academic, administrative, or technological.

Selection on academic and personal promise, not ability to pay

The Aga Khan Academy selects students of promise, good character and serious intent, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. The Academy selects a diverse student body as part of its mission to educate future leaders with a pluralistic sensibility.

Professional Development of Teachers: Faculty committed to students and their own professional growth

The Aga Khan Academies identify and develop teachers of the highest quality who are committed both to the all-round development of young people and to their own professional growth as excellent teachers. The faculty are enriched by opportunities to collaborate with colleagues across the globe and to teach abroad within the Aga Khan Academies network.

An integral part of the Aga Khan Academy’s mission is to strengthen the profession of teaching by investing substantially in the professional development of teachers. A Professional Development Centre will be a key aspect of each Aga Khan Academy and will provide ongoing, collaborative training of Aga Khan Academy faculty as well as teachers from neighbouring government, private and not-for-profit schools. Promoting excellence in teaching, both on campus and in the broader region, is a fundamental goal of the Aga Khan Academy.

International Linkages: Connections to leading institutions across the globe

The resources and linkages of the Aga Khan Development Network play an important part in the realisation and impact the Academies, its teachers, and its graduates will make. Students and faculty benefit from the intellectual and programmatic resources of AKDN’s well established institutions, such as the Aga Khan Foundation, the The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, the Aga Khan University, and the University of Central Asia.

The Aga Khan Academies draw upon long-standing partnerships with other universities including Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto, as well as renowned secondary schools to achieve its standard of excellence. Being connected to this global network of institutions enables Aga Khan Academy students and faculty to test and validate their standards of excellence as world-class.

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