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"The Muslim world has always been wide open to every aspect of human existence. The sciences, society, art, the oceans, the environment and the cosmos have all contributed to the great moments in the history of Muslim civilisations.
- His Highness the Aga Khan -

Programme of digistalisation of the manuscripts
A programme of digitalisation of the manuscripts of the AKM collection began in 2010, in cooperation with the Centre de Conservation du Livre in Arles, France. Once a manuscript has been digitalised, it can be consulted by scholars and researchers worldwide without being handled or exposed to adverse conservation conditions. Moreover, even if the original is conserved in secure museum conditions, there is always a risk of loss – and at least a photographic copy will survive. So far, a dozen AKM manuscripts have been digitalised and they are being uploaded progressively to a special manuscript conservation site called e-corpus. Links to the first two can be found below; more will be uploaded in the coming weeks.
AKM 00272 (Ms19) Nigaristan by Ghaffari
AKM 00264 (Ms06) Tazkira of Shayk Safi al-Din of Ardabil

Aga Khan Museum Project BriefThe Aga Khan Museum Project Brief
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Podcast on the Aga Khan Museum
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The Aga Khan Museum, which will open in Toronto, Canada in 2013, will house collections of approximately 1000 items of Islamic art collected by His Highness the Aga Khan and members of his family over the last two decades.

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