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Quran On ClothQuran On Cloth
Geography: India
Period: Mughal, dated 1130-32 H/1718-20 CE
Dynasty: Mughal

Geography: Egypt
Period: Fatimid, 10th century CE
Dynasty: Fatimid

Panel With Birds, Human Faces, And HaresPanel With Birds, Human Faces, And Hares
Geography: Egypt
Period: Fatimid, 11th century CE
Dynasty: Fatimid

Geography: Iran or Central Asia
Period: Il-Khanid,13th-14th century CE
Dynasty: Il-Khanid

Quilt CoverQuilt Cover
Geography: Turkey
Period: Ottoman, 17th century CE
Dynasty: Ottoman

Geography: Iran or China
Period: 8th-11th century CE (?)

Geography: Iran
Period: 20th century CE