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AKDN’s activities in Mozambique are concentrated in Cabo Delgado, the northernmost, and poorest, province of Mozambique. The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) supports three programmes in the province: the Coastal Rural Support Programme (CRSP(M)), the Entrepreneur Development Initiative (EDI), and the Bridges to the Future (B2F) programme.

CRSP(M) was initiated in 2001 as an integrated programme of activities in health, education and rural development. It is working in five districts of Cabo Delgado province (Quissanga, lbo, Meluco, Pemba Metuge, and Macomia) with the aim of increasing food security and income generation opportunities, as well as health and education, for rural households, particularly women.

Bridges to the Future (B2F) works to strengthen the human resources of the province. In 2006, it provides scholarships and facilitates internships. English language courses and management training are also being delivered.

The Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance (AKAM) works in concert with AKF’s activities in the same province. Its primary objective is to provide loans to microenterprises and small businesses for income generating activities such as small-scale agricultural, fishing, retail and industrial enterprises.

AKDN has also made investments in the tourism infrastructure, first through purchase of the Polana hotel in Maputo. The Aga Khan fund for Economic Development has made significant investments in the refurbishment of the historic hotel.

Raising Rural Incomes While Revitalising Local Culture


Raising Rural Incomes While Revitalising Local Culture

The vast majority of AKF beneficiaries are small producers whose livelihoods depend on income from selling their crops or the products they make. Their incomes are strongly affected by factors such as the level of technical knowledge, physical distance to markets, uneven competition due to national and international trade policies, devastation of war and limits on productivity caused by environmental degradation. More


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Serena Hotels Receive African Business Award 2012 for Contributions to Africa
22 June 2012 - Serena Hotels receives the 2012 African Business Award in the “Best Hospitality, Travel and Tourism in Africa” category. Serena Hotels was recognized for “branding its country or region as an attractive tourism destination in Africa, ultimately benefitting the African tourism industry and the continent as a whole”.

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