Rabat-Salé Urban Infrastructure Project - Aga Khan Award for Architecture
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Rabat-Salé Urban Infrastructure Project

Rabat-Salé Urban Infrastructure Project
Location: Rabat, Morocco (North Africa)
Architect: Marc Mimram Architecture, Paris, France
Client: Agence pour le Développment de la Vallée du Bouregreg
Completed: 2011
Design: 2007
Site size: Bridge length: 330 m - Viaduct length: 600 m - Nautical Base Bridge length: 100 m

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Linking Rabat and Salé to form an urban hub, the Hassan II Bridge and its associated access works relieve both cities’ historic sites and populations of atmospheric and sound pollution. The design respects the overwhelming horizontality of the built and natural environments, allowing Rabat’s 12th-century Hassan Tower to retain its vertical dominance of the skyline. The concrete supports, in subtly varying arced forms, are deliberately delicate and lace-like in appearance. Besides providing transport connections, the structure also offers an urban roof over the alluvial plain of the Bouregreg River, creating a protected public space for markets and leisure activities.

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