Darb Qirmiz Quarter - Aga Khan Award for Architecture
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Darb Qirmiz Quarter

Darb Qirmiz Quarter
Location: Cairo, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Egyptian Antiquities Organization and German Archaeological Institute / Michael Meinecke, Philip Speiser, and Muhammad Fahmi Awad
Client: Egyptian Antiquities Organisation
Completed: 1980
Site size: 26'600 m²

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Darb Qirmiz Quarter Project Brief

The Darb Qirmiz is a residential neighbourhood in the 10th-century Fatimid quarter of Cairo. The major monuments of the district, the oldest dating from the 14th century, follow a narrow meandering street that bisects the neighbourhood. They include three madrasas, a palace, mausoleum, fountain and bazaar. The restoration of all seven monuments has been planned as the first step in the rehabilitation of the larger area. The award honours the completion of Phase I which includes the restoration of the Madrasa of al-Anuki, a Mamluk building dating from A.D. 1368, and the Mausoleum of Sheikh Sinan, dating from A.D. 1585. The conservation work included the replacement of corroded stone and loose plaster surfaces, and the repair or replacement of all damaged decorative work, carpentry and original painted surfaces in the original techniques and materials. The project has employed the finest masons, plasterers and carpenters left in Cairo.

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