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Projects based in Indonesia

Landscaping of Soekarno-Hatta AirportLandscaping of Soekarno-Hatta Airport
Location: Cengkareng, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Aéroports de Paris, Paul Andreu
Completed: 1994
Site size: 950'000 m²
AKAA 1995 Cycle
Landscaping of Soekarno-Hatta Airport Project Brief

Kampung Kali Cho-deKampung Kali Cho-de
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Yousef B. Mangunwijaya
Completed: 1985
Site size: 3'600 m²
AKAA 1992 Cycle
Kampung Kali Cho-de Project Brief

Citra Niaga Urban DevelopmentCitra Niaga Urban Development
Location: Samarinda, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Antonio Ismael Risianto, PT Triaco Widya Cipta, and PT Griyantara Architects
Completed: 1986
Site size: 7'310 m²
AKAA 1989 Cycle
Citra Niaga Urban Development Project Brief

Kampung Kebalen ImprovementKampung Kebalen Improvement
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Surabaya Kampung Improvement Programme, with the Surabaya Institute of Technology, and the Kampung Kebalen Community
Completed: 1981
Site size: 320'000 m²
AKAA 1986 Cycle
Kampung Kebalen Improvement Project Brief

Saïd Naum MosqueSaïd Naum Mosque
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Atelier Enam Architects and Planners / Adhi Moersid
Completed: 1977
Site size: 15'000 m²
AKAA 1986 Cycle
Saïd Naum Mosque Project Brief

Kampung Improvement ProgrammeKampung Improvement Programme
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: KIP Technical Unit / Darrundono
Completed: 1969
Site size: 72'000'000 m²
AKAA 1980 Cycle
Kampung Improvement Programme Project Brief

Pondok Pesantren PabelanPondok Pesantren Pabelan
Location: Muntilan, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Amin Arraihana & Fanani, LP3ES (Abdurrahman Wahid)
Completed: 1965
AKAA 1980 Cycle
Pondok Pesantren Pabelan Project Brief