Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Aga Khan Development Network

Community Development and Improvement Projects

Rehabilitation of the Old CityRehabilitation of the Old City
Location: Shibam, Yemen (Arabian Peninsula)
Architect: GTZ Technical Office
Completed: 2005
Site size: 81'000 m²
AKAA 2007 Cycle
Rehabilitation of the Old City Project Brief

Aït IktelAït Iktel
Location: Abadou, Morocco (North Africa)
Architect: Ali Amahan
Completed: 1995
Site size: 1'500'000 m²
AKAA 2001 Cycle
Aït Iktel Project Brief

Slum Networking of Indore CitySlum Networking of Indore City
Location: Indore, India (South Asia)
Architect: Himanshu Parikh
Completed: 1997
Site size: 8'000'000 m²
AKAA 1998 Cycle
Slum Networking of Indore City Project Brief

Khuda-ki-Basti Incremental Development SchemeKhuda-ki-Basti Incremental Development Scheme
Location: Hyderabad, Pakistan (South Asia)
Architect: Hyderabad Development Authority, Tasneem Ahmed Siddiqui
Completed: 1989
Site size: 610'000 m²
AKAA 1995 Cycle
Khuda-ki-Basti Incremental Development Scheme Project Brief

East Wahdat Upgrading ProgrammeEast Wahdat Upgrading Programme
Location: Amman, Jordan (West Asia)
Architect: Urban Development Department
Completed: 1980
AKAA 1992 Cycle
East Wahdat Upgrading Programme Project Brief

Kampung Kali Cho-deKampung Kali Cho-de
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Yousef B. Mangunwijaya
Completed: 1985
Site size: 3'600 m²
AKAA 1992 Cycle
Kampung Kali Cho-de Project Brief

Citra Niaga Urban DevelopmentCitra Niaga Urban Development
Location: Samarinda, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Antonio Ismael Risianto, PT Triaco Widya Cipta, and PT Griyantara Architects
Completed: 1986
Site size: 7'310 m²
AKAA 1989 Cycle
Citra Niaga Urban Development Project Brief

Grameen Bank Housing ProgrammeGrameen Bank Housing Programme
Location: Bangladesh various locations, Bangladesh (South Asia)
Architect: Grameen Bank / Muhammed Yunus, Mohammed Ashraful Hassan
Completed: 1984
Site size: 50 m²
AKAA 1989 Cycle
Grameen Bank Housing Programme Project Brief

Ismaïliyya Development ProjectIsmaïliyya Development Project
Location: Ismailiyya, Egypt (North Africa)
Architect: Culpin Planning / David Allen
Completed: 1978
Site size: 3'800'000 m²
AKAA 1986 Cycle
Ismaïliyya Development Project Project Brief

Kampung Kebalen ImprovementKampung Kebalen Improvement
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: Surabaya Kampung Improvement Programme, with the Surabaya Institute of Technology, and the Kampung Kebalen Community
Completed: 1981
Site size: 320'000 m²
AKAA 1986 Cycle
Kampung Kebalen Improvement Project Brief

Kampung Improvement ProgrammeKampung Improvement Programme
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (South-East Asia)
Architect: KIP Technical Unit / Darrundono
Completed: 1969
Site size: 72'000'000 m²
AKAA 1980 Cycle
Kampung Improvement Programme Project Brief